Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tuesdays with SheShe

Ryan goes to his special school 3 days a week. It's on the other side of town from where we live, and from his other school where Stokes and William are everyday. I hate that he feels so far away from me and his brothers on those days, but know that his special school is making a big and positive impact on his life and future. 

I have a few personal connections to his special school that I didn't initially know about when he first started. Thomas's best buddy's mom, Mrs. Owings, volunteers there on occasion. She told me that she would check in on Ryan when she was there. I also realized that my church youth group leader from when I was in high school is now an occupational therapist there (although she's not Ryan's therapist). The most gratifying connection I've come across, however, is Sheilah Baker, aka SheShe. Sheilah is the mom of one of my very close friends, Brooke. I've known SheShe since Brooke and I became friends in college and she has always treated me like a part of the family, especially while I lived with Brooke for a few years post-college. She's an incredibly warm and funny lady, mama and grandmama. I had no idea that she did any volunteer work with Ryan's school until I got a text from her one day. She volunteers there one day a week and just happens to be assigned to Ryan's class! I was seriously thrilled. It helps me rest assured during the days that he's there that we have an extension of our family there with him, watching him, loving on him, and just being with him.

Funny text story from SheShe the other day...she said she was playing with Ryan and then she moved over to play with another little boy. Ryan put his head down and started to cry, so SheShe went right back over to him and he was happy again. She said her heart melted. That's my sweet boy! And I love it that he's getting spoiled with attention!
Getting lovin' from SheShe
Love these 2!

Sheilah holding Ryan


  1. God works in mysterious ways ❤️

  2. You gotta love unexpected blessings! Can't think of a better one than SheShe! 😍