Monday, October 31, 2016

Trunk or Treat day

Friday was our official "Trunk or Treat" day. We had so many Halloween festivities going on! It was also the first day that the boys got to wear their 2016 Halloween costumes. I was so excited about this. We've been thinking about these costumes for a few years and decided to go for it this year. I am all about DIYing Halloween costumes for some reason. DIYing is not typically my thing, but I like it for Halloween. To me, there's something so real and authentic with having homemade costumes. It probably goes back to my childhood when my costumes were homemade. I say all this about the homemade costumes and it will probably come back to bite me next year when the boys insist on a store-bought superhero costume or something similar. I'm calling it now. But while I can have the say so, and do coordinating costumes, and make them myself, I'm going for it!

So are you curious yet?!?!? We went with the THREE AMIGOS! Remember that movie from the 80's with Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short?!?! Hilarious. I used this blog to copy the DIY tips to make the costumes (it was so not hard or I wouldn't have tried it).

I didn't get a good picture of all 3 of them with their costumes on on Friday, but don't you worry, I will make this happen on real Halloween.

I went ahead and took the day off of work since we had several different things going on. The day started off with a Trunk or Treat at Ryan's special school. His school had lots of volunteers from local businesses and community groups that came and elaborately decorated their trunks for these kids. How cool and sweet is that!?! I was talking to one of them and thanking him and he said that he came for the first time last year and it meant so much to him and he saw so many amazing kids that he won't ever miss it again. It was hot and a little chaotic, since this was our first one, but we figured out the flow after a few minutes. We saw Ryan's teachers and two of his therapists. We also saw William's NICU 2 roommate, Luke, and Ryan's EI, April. It was a fun morning! One thing of note: the Three Amigos costume really only works when the boys are all together. It was a little flat when Ryan was by himself. We got a lot of guesses of a matador or a mariachi band member. HA! I had a lot of explaining to do, including letting people know that he is a triplet and his brothers have matching costumes. Also, did you know....a lot of people don't remember or know about The Three Amigos?!?! Oh well. We thought it was cute and clever. LOL.

Quick pic of Ryan after I got his costume on before we left for his school Trunk or Treat on Friday morning!

Holding his horse! 
Ready for Trunk or Treat
 Trunk or Treat time!
Sitting in the fire truck!

Checking out the sand and shells in the Finding Doory trunk

Clemson girls! Woo hoo!!

Perfect Clemson scene - this was a different
trunk! Lots of Clemson love!

Ryan with Ms Ann (one of his teachers)

Safari trunk - he loved the big giraffe

Ryan with Mama

We went to Candy Land!

Ryan with his new PT and OT

Ryan with Luke, our friend from the NICU
 After this Trunk or Treat, we went home, ate lunch and took a little nap before it was time to go for more action.

Sweet angel taking a nap

Later that afternoon, we went up to the other school, where Stokes and William go too, for more trick or treating. The teachers at the school decorated their trunks and had such cute and fun themes. They really put so much time and energy into this event. It was great!

Stokes and William and Tabitha's car

Willy Wonka trunk!

They liked getting candy!

Tailgate trunk! They wanted to hug the Tiger!

Stokes and the Tiger

Avondale trunk with Elsa!

Elsa gave everyone hugs!

Christmas trunk
Krispy Kreme donut trunk - YUM
KK donated it all and they each got a donut hole
and a certificate for another donut. YES! 

After Trunk or Treat at their school, they had parties in their classes. There was lots of food and fun. I was going back and forth between the two classes for a few minutes and then eventually brought Ryan over to Stokes and William's class. 

Stokes at his party


Class party!

Ryan at his party
And that wasn't the end of our Trunk or Treat day. It was also the Halloween celebration at Dada's work! This is an annual tradition and when I worked there, it was always my favorite day of the whole year. They seriously go all out and each year, the bar gets raised a little higher. It is truly incredible. By this point in the day, the boys were all about EATING their candy. At each candy stop (and there were A LOT) Stokes and William would hand Thomas or me a piece of candy that they wanted us to open. I normally don't give them much candy, apart from potty training rewards, but we were feeling generous. I have no idea how much candy they ate by the end of it, but I'm pretty sure it was a ton!

Goofing off with Brent!

Dada's area was decorated as "Cars"! Their favorite!
They are posing with Lightning McQueen

With a tractor in a farm area

We saw Auntie Steph and Ava Lana (aka Pocahontas)!

Rainbow Road from Mario Kart (I think???) haha

We ran in to Grayson and Landon!!!! YAY!
They don't look too excited here.

Alice in Wonderland! This area was seriously INCREDIBLE

Mad Hatter tea party

Queen of Hearts

A Nemo/Doory area :)

Tears and crying on the way home
Apart from Stokes not wanting to ride with me and crying for his Daddy the entire way home, and despite all the candy they had eaten through the afternoon, the evening was surprisingly normal. Several people had made comments that they'd never go to sleep after eating all that sugar, but we pretty much stuck to the routine and all was well.

We are super excited about the real Halloween and our neighborhood festivities on the 31st! MORE CANDY (and please make it stop - no more candy!). :) Stay tuned for the next post and (hopefully) a good picture of all 3 of them in costume - those little buttercups.

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