Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hunting and Dyeing Eggs

Saturday before Easter was the day of one of our favorite celebrations of the year, Aunt Wendy's Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch. Remember this post from last year? In true form, this year's egg hunt was once again perfect. It is so much fun to see all these kids that we don't get to see all that often, all gathered together in pastel colors and looking so sweet. I love getting the opportunity to (kind of, sort of) catch up with some friends in between wrangling kiddos.

Wendy had around 50 people attend this party. Seriously, it's so fun that no one wants to miss it.

William with the fabulous hostess!

We were a little late showing up this year, so it was pretty much egg hunt time when we arrived. Wendy tried to create fairness in egg distribution and broke the kids up into age group. The older kids even had a scavenger hunt in order to find the eggs. She's so creative!

Wendy dividing the kids into groups
and giving instructions for the egg hunt

And they're off!

Hunting for eggs with their friend, Jones
Our Caroline!

Sweet Ava Lane!

William and Ryan with Dada
More eggs!
Jones - isn't he a doll???

Auntie Heather talking to Ryan

When the egg hunt was over, we had a delicious brunch!

After brunch, we tried (unsuccessfully) to get these 5 cuties together for a good picture!

Lifelong friends...

...because their mamas will make them be!

Back outside we go!

My boys + Jones
How cute!
Ryan with Mrs. Thacker
Lots of kids!

With some of my faves!
Wendy, Heather, me, Stacey

I almost forgot (actually I did forget) to include the dyeing eggs part of the day when I originally published this post. Oops! Then I saw the title and realized that I'd left it out. Here it goes...

I think most people probably do this a little farther in advance, but we always end up dyeing our eggs on the Saturday before Easter. This year, we even waited until after dinner, due to a long nap following Wendy's egg hunt! It was actually starting to get dark while we were still dyeing eggs. I guess that's a giveaway that the boys were up a little later and didn't start bath and bedtime on a typical routine. It's not getting dark until 7:30 or 8ish!

Let the dyeing begin!

So much fun!

I can't tell you how many times I had to say, "get your hands out of the cups!". They're fingers were pretty much all blue when this was all said and done. They weren't very patient to let the egg sit in the dye. Thomas and I had to intervene quite a bit!

The finished product!!!!

Their monogrammed eggs!
I let them choose their colors

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

School Easter parties

The boys had Easter parties in their classes at school on Friday afternoon. I snuck out of work a little early to go up to their school to participate, along with a lot of the other parents.

It's a little hectic when both classes (Ryan's class and also the class that Stokes and William are in) are having separate parties at the same time, but the teachers understand my predicament and I pretty much ran back and forth. I wanted to make sure to spend time with all 3 of them during their celebrations!

I went to Ryan's class first because they were already out on the playground doing their egg hunt. I peeked in at Stokes and William's class and they were eating snacks. When I got out to the playground for Ryan's egg hunt, the school director was pulling Ryan in the wagon and helping him get Easter eggs, while all the other kids were running around hunting eggs of their own. I love that he and Ryan's teachers help to make sure Ryan gets to participate instead of letting him sit there and observe, which, to be honest, would not have bothered my laid-back sweet boy, but it would have bothered me. So when I got there, I took over the wagon duty and let the director move on to other tasks.

Then I helped Ryan inside and started helping him eat his party food!

At some point during Ryan's snack time, I ran over to the other class to join in with them on their egg hunt.

It was busy, but a lot of fun. After the egg hunts and parties were over, we left school but weren't quite ready to go back home. I think they were just a little jacked up on sugar! HA! So instead of going straight home, we went to our neighborhood playground to get a little energy out.

Some videos of the boys playing. <3

It start raining a little and that ended our playground time. We went home and waited for Dada to get home from work and spend the evening with all of us. The lead up to Easter is always fun.

Ryan was having a rough day.
He was hot and little upset during the egg hunt
and then during snack time was crying a little
(of course while I was trying to get a selfie!)

I call this one: a tear, a booger and a strawberry

Friday, April 14, 2017

A Dada and his Boys

In fairness, since I did a post for my weekend alone with the boys, I owe Thomas a shout out for handling part of a weekend on his own, too.

Last week I was in Amelia Island, Florida for a work conference. Yes, yes, I know it sounds amazing and beautiful, and it was, but alas, I was working, and our schedule was full so I literally did not step foot on the beach and didn't see the pool other than a view from my hotel room balcony/sliding door. Womp womp. 

So anyway, I was doing some of this:
Eating lunch at T Ray's with my dad, Phyllis and Jerry
on the afternoon before the conference started that evening.
Phyllis and Jerry live in Fernandina Beach, right next to Amelia.

Setting up our booth for the Solution Fair

Checking out this beautiful sunrise from my hotel room,
and yes, this is basically the only sun I saw all week.

Taking pics with a Jack Sparrow lookalike at an evening event
*he's a REALLY good impersonator, no???

And then....some of this.
I was supposed to get home around 8 pm on Friday evening. We had it all worked out that Thomas would really only have the boys on his own for a few hours after school on Friday since MaSha was going to help him throughout the week whenever she was available. So on Friday evening, Thomas was going to feed them dinner, get them bathed, and then they were all going to come and pick me up from the airport. I was so looking forward to having this welcome committee to meet me at baggage claim. But alas, it was not in the cards this time. Delta had what was essentially an epic meltdown at the main hub in Atlanta. I'm not totally sure about the reason, but I think it had something to do with weather related issues from earlier in the week and trying to sort through all the delays, stranded passengers, missed connections and so on. Anyway, I knew it wasn't a good sign that every flight to and from Atlanta, where I was supposed to connect, was getting cancelled or delayed, delayed, delayed. I ended up not making it out of Jacksonville on Friday, so I went back and stayed at my dad's house (and had a nice evening with a steak dinner and went to the movie theater with my dad to see The Zookeeper's Wife - very good). I was up and at 'em again early Saturday morning to get on a flight but continued not making the confirmed list, since I was flying standby, waited through multiple delays, hearing that cancellations were not being rebooked until Monday or Tuesday, due to the backlog of stuck travelers - yeah, not a great sign - I ended up getting my checked luggage pulled and I rented a car and drove home from Jacksonville. I didn't get home until 8:30 pm on Saturday night, more than 24 hours after my original arrival plans. That meant that Thomas was on  his own for pretty much the whole day on Saturday. And guess what! He owned it. People are amazed when they ask me who is taking care of my kids while I'm gone and I respond that it's my husband. He's awesome.

Thomas got to go to Doughnuts with Dads
at Ryan's school on Friday morning

This pic was sent in a text that said:
"patiently waiting for Mama to get home" :)

Hanging out in the backyard while Dada got
some yard work done

I still got a welcoming committee to meet me at the airport, but instead of hopping off a plane and straight into hugs, they met me near the rental car return area after a long, exhausting day on the road driving up I-95. 

The boys were well taken care of and Thomas was a rock star to not bat an eye when my travel plans got derailed. I missed everyone so much and was so disappointed when I didn't make it home on Friday. I knew they were in great hands and our reunion was even sweeter on Saturday night with an extra day of missing each other on our hearts. 

Traveling is pretty much a bummer, with the exception of fun vacations, but I'm glad that Thomas and I have worked it out pretty well to back each other up to make it work when needed.