Sunday, December 2, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

We took our annual Thanksgiving trip to NW Georgia to visit with extended family. We only go there this one time of year, so I cherish this time and love how it takes me back with years and years of memories. We're missing several key people that I wish were there. It's not a new change, but being there at Nana's house reminds me of who is not there and who we miss terribly.

We arrived there a little late this year, but there was still PLENTY of food left for us to chow down! Everything was so, so good.

It was a beautiful day and we got to eat our Thanksgiving meal out on the back deck and it felt incredible.

When we go to Nana's for Thanksgiving, the boys are the center of attention, being the youngest of the bunch, and they love every minute of it!


This is the BEST stuff

These cakes were ALMOST too pretty to cut!

The family time!
Swinging with Kelsea

W snuggling with Kacie

Stokes was "working" on Nana's computer

Round # 3 or so of food. I lose count. 

Nice pose, William!

Since we don't see this side of the family for Christmas, we take this opportunity to exchange a few gifts with them.
Time to open presents from Nana!

Gettin' after it

Nana bought them the cutest piggy banks
and gave them each $10 to put in it

Jacob was assisting Ryan

Nana using the hand-over-hand technique

"Thank you, Nana!"
Movie watching time
(one of my Thanksgiving time faves)

SOOOOO excited about their Nike shirts
from Michael


Ryan with his shirt, too!
I'm not sure when I thought brand name items would become "a thing", but I was NOT expecting it at 5 years old. Apparently, a kid in their class wears Nike shoes and socks and now they are obsessed with Nike. And yes, I am rolling my eyes at this. I gave Michael the Nike hint when he asked what he could get for them and he hit it out of park. They love these shirts! And they like to wear them with their Nike pants. Of course.

We spent the night on Thanksgiving there at Nana's. William slept in the bed with Nana, and I couldn't believe it but Stokes actually slept all night outside in Nana's camper with Kacie and Kelsea. He thought he was so big!

I had a big conversation with Anne on Friday morning at Starbucks, which was very impactful for me. We haven't had a very close relationship in many years, and I felt like we needed to have some time to just talk. I'm not sure about her take on the get together, but it meant a lot to me. No photo evidence of this meet up.

After that, we pretty much just ate and ran. We heated up some leftovers at Nana's house so that we could take full advantage of all the yummy Thanksgiving food. We figured traffic would be pretty brutal and we wanted to minimize the amount of time we'd be driving in the dark so we left by 2 or 2:30. I can't believe how old we sound with this driving in the dark business. Seriously!

Anyway.....we loved seeing our family and enjoying the holidays with people we love. We are so very thankful for so many people and things in our lives. We're thankful for good health and all the ways our lives are richly blessed. We love our sweet, sweet family members and had another wonderful Thanksgiving, as expected!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Belle or....

I saw this meme and it made me laugh! In case you've never noticed before (and trust me, I never did until my circumstances changed), there's a lady with triplets that makes a cameo while Belle is wandering around her town singing in Beauty and the Beast. Let's just say this: the triplet lady is a hot mess. Shout out to the triplet mama! Make sure you notice her next time you watch the Disney classic!

What happens when...

On the way home from dinner not too long ago, Stokes found some lipstick in my car. It was dark outside and I didn't even realize that he had found it until we got home and parked in the driveway, when he handed me the tube. I didn't think anything of it, and it was really dark outside, but discovered a surprise when we got into the house and had light again.

In case you were wondering what happens when Stokes finds lipstick, here's the answer! He's so funny!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Clemson v Duke: Military Appreciation Game 2018

The Clemson/Duke game got the honor of being the Military Appreciation game for this season. As I mentioned in the Military game post from last year, this game is one of my favorites of the whole year. I love the fanfare that accompanies this game. Clemson has a long military history, and it really shows with the presentation of this game each season. I love it that it's a "purple out" and the players get to wear all purple uniforms for the only time each season. The fans come dressed accordingly as well. The purple is done for the purple heart military decoration. I love it that Dabo and the coaching staff wears camo. My boys follow suit. It's just a great day.

Thomas and I decided that we wanted to take Stokes and William to this game again this year, but were disappointed when it was chosen to be a night game, with a 7 PM kickoff. WHAT?!?! We were playing Duke, for heaven's sake. I thought for sure it would be a noon or 3:30 kickoff. The night game vibe messed with our plans, but I forged ahead with the intention of taking the boys with us. Also, why, please tell me, must we have all of our night games at the end of the season?!?! A September night game would be marvelous, darling! #cold

Side note: Ryan stayed at home with MaSha. :)

Pre-game picture, including Ryan!

We got to go with Carole to this one, which meant that we got to ride with her and park in Lot 2. Hallelujah! She was also so, so kind to drop us off at Bowman Field as we were getting on to campus, so that we could show the boys the military vehicles. This saved us some serious time as it would have taken a long time to get from Lot 2 to Bowman and back with those 2 little guys!

Bowman Field:

William with a Jeep
Boys + Mama

and + Dada

This sweet soldier let the boys take a picture with her

They could climb into this one and pretend to drive!

Sweet unplanned moment!

They just stood side by side and Stokes
put his arms around William while
we watched the helicopter take off.
I loved it!

Cool dude

One the back of the Jeep

Waving to the helicopter as he flew back over

They were so excited to go up and talk to these soldiers!
When we got up there, they hid behind my legs.

The soldiers were so sweet and gave them stickers, high 5s,
and let the boys wear their hats


They loved it!


Afterwards, we went back to Lot 2 to tailgate with the tribe. It was so fun! The boys had a blast. Please check out their dancing video to see that they were living their best life.

Umm what???

Such a cutie!

Matt came by!!!!

Thomas, Matt and William

The crew

Plus our sweet tailgate hosts!

This WILD man decided he needed
an outfit change. He took his shirt off
and trust me that it was chilly outside!

My honey

Tug of war with our tiger tail!

Dance party!

Having just a little bit of FUN!!

We went in the stadium a good 45 minutes before kickoff so that we could enjoy all the pre-game hoopla. We got to do the pledge, sing patriotic songs, see honored veterans and heroes on the big screen and listen to Tiger Band. We were there to clap and cheer as the parents of the senior football players were honored. We got to see each senior be announced and have a solo run down the hill. We were there for everything and I soaked in every moment. Honestly, this is a very, very special senior class. With the win at this game, they became with winningest class in Clemson and ACC history. Pretty special.

Some of our favorite seniors!

Austin Bryant, #7
Hunter Renfrow, #13

Adam Choice, #26

Christian Wilkins, #42

Christian (again)

Clelin Ferrell, #99

We got to see our friend's husband, a student assistant on staff and US veteran, lead our team down the hill and carry the American flag. Very cool.

Daniel Boyd, holding the flag on the hill (my picture)

Image may contain: 1 person, standing
Daniel Boyd again (not my picture!)

Check out this quick video about him and his experience!

Peerys love the Tigers

Carole and Stokes

He's a turkey!

Having a great time at the game!

Piggy back time

Eating M&Ms

Love my Cle-cle!

The stinkers were hiding and playing under the blanket LOL
We ended up staying for the first half of the game (not great for Clemson fans) and through halftime. I just love our halftime show at the military game. The band plays the anthems for each branch of the military and veterans from each branch will stand when their song is played. It's really cool. They also did the solemn 21 gun salute and presentation remembering our fallen soldiers. You could hear a pin drop. Tears. Chills. All of it.

21 gun salute

At that point, it was close to 9 pm and all the popcorn was eaten or spilled so it was time to bid adieu. I hate to admit that Carole drove home and 3 out of 5 of us were sleeping (thanks to Carole and Thomas for staying awake and keeping us safe). :)

It was a great game, a beautiful fall day, a special tribute to our military, and a very fun way to spend time with family, and wonderful friends that are basically family.

p.s. Doesn't it feel amazing to be so lucky to be an American? I am blessed to be from America. God bless the USA.