Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Ryan's Christmas Program

Ryan's school does a super sweet Christmas program each year for parents to come and enjoy our beautiful kids in a program setting.

The teachers and kids perform about 4 songs with props like bells and noise makers. Some of the kids know all of the words and motions and they are all so cute and have so much love to share!

After the songs, we get to sit down for a little (early) lunch and Santa even came by for a visit! We didn't get a chance to visit with Santa while we were there but I did get to talk to Ryan's teachers and therapists, as well as other parents there.

The BIG, EXCITING thing that happened, and the main reason I'm giving this its own blog post, is that Ryan drank from a real straw! You may have noticed in some pictures or other posts, but Ryan has a very specific cup that he drinks from. He transitioned from a bottle straight to a honey bear cup (it's a real thing that occupational therapists use!) and has not caught on to using the straws with traditional sippy cups. Needless to say, I didn't have a honey bear cup on me at the Christmas program as Ryan has his own cup that stays at school and it must have been in his classroom. So while we were eating lunch, I didn't have much of an option for his drink. I grabbed a juice box....just to see if we could get him to drink it....and to my amazement, he DID! I was so proud!

We are still using the honey bear day-to-day but knowing that he drank from a juice box straw this one time leaves us open to further possibilities! And, because I make mistakes constantly and forget things all the time, it's nice to know that there may be a juice box option for him if/when I forget his honey bear the next time we're out and about. 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Charlotte Drop-In

On our way home from our Tazewell visit, we detoured to Charlotte to visit with Aunt Trish, Mark and even got a surprise visit with my cousin, Patricia, whom we haven't seen in several years! She was a fantastic surprise and we enjoyed our visit with this side of the family immensely. I think we may have missed visiting them last year so I was really glad that we were able to make it work out for this Christmas. I love going to their house because there are always updates that they've made since the last time we were there.

We got caught in traffic and ended up getting there later than anticipated, and they had a fantastic meal waiting on us! We ate, we chatted, we loved seeing them!

The boys with their new gifts -
books and pencils! They loved them!
William, Patricia, Stokes, Mark, Trish, Ryan and me

Ryan and William with my cousin Patricia and me

Us with all the boys!

You know how I always say that it takes quite a few pictures to get one good one? Well here's some proof. Outtakes (these make me laugh)!

Life (and pictures) with kids, boys especially, is always mayhem but it sure can be fun!

Christmas celebration in Tazewell

As per our usual holiday season, we got to spend the weekend before Christmas up in Virginia, visiting Thomas's family and staying at Abby's house. We got more SNOW, which is always so awesome! By the way, it's not lost on me that all my posts seem so "social media friendly" and only showing the best parts of our lives. Totally. But I'm for real that we had so much fun during the holidays this year. I can truly appreciate that we are to a point that it's (relatively) easy to get the boys in the car and go wherever we want to go and do fun things! It wasn't that long ago that it was a major production to go anywhere at all, for any period of time. I love it that we can travel, visit family, and just ENJOY life right now. I'm grateful.

Because it was snowing, we got caught in quite a bit of traffic getting up to VA (ok, see, that's not "the most fun!") and so we ended up meeting Abby on Main Street for dinner downtown and by the time we got there, everyone was hungry!

Walking up Main Street on fresh snow
to have dinner at Seven

We ate at Seven, not for the first time, and once again, it didn't disappoint. When we got up on Saturday morning, the ground was absolutely covered in snow. The boys choked down a little breakfast but basically couldn't wait to get outside to play. Abby's backyard is totally perfect for playing. There's a nice long downhill for sledding and plenty of room to run around. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I basically turned into a big kid out in this snow. I was running around with the boys, chasing them around, challenging them to sledding races and just having good, old fashioned fun!

Dada and Rayn

Running around

Such a beautiful scene

Selfie with my sweet boy

Pile on mama for a sled ride!!!

Family selfie

So idyllic


They didn't want to sit still very long!

Snowball fight!

"take me back inside now" ;)


William loved it out there!

Eventually the boys got tired of playing the snow and we came in to get ready for our lunch at Granddad's. Also, the Lewis family arrived in time for our mid-day festivities at Granddad's house.

Stokes was "working" at Granddad's desk

Two handsome fellas

William had to take an important call!

Granddad with Ashley and Ryan

4 Generations of Peerys

Pretty awesome.

One more for good measure.

The boys with Taylor and Anna

Then it was time for presents. We get completely spoiled!

Checking out all the gifts

Happy Ryan!

How cute is he?!?!?!


Granddad opening his gifts

What a wonderful patriarch!

General present mayhem

Fifi snuggling Ryan

William loving on Winston, Mag's doggie

Still loving the snow!

Snow covered ground in the mountains of VA

My man and me

+ Stokes and William

Ryan and Taylor

Too pretty to leave!

We hit Tazewell right at the perfect time with freshly fallen snow and Christmas on everyone's minds and hearts. We look forward to getting up there again this spring/summer!