Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Another case of the pink eye...


Yuck. The good news???? No one else got it. I'm not sure how because I'm not very good at disinfecting and separating kids, so it's a miracle. The other good news??? Stokes took his eye drops like a CHAMP. No fussing or whining. He would just lean that head on back and let me squirt a drop. He was a brave little guy and I was proud. Easy peasy. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Garden Bounty

Look at this beaut!

We have cantaloupe and watermelon coming up in our garden & we didn't even plant them! Our former homeowners must have grown them in previous years and they came back again.

Tiny little baby watermelon!
There's no perspective in this pic, but this
little guy is probably only about an inch
or two big right now.

Another baby watermelon

We've planted corn, okra and tomatoes. We've gotten a decent amount of okra from our 2 plants, but I feel like some of it starts going bad before I have enough to make a side dish with them. I have to supplement with market-bought okra. We have LOTS of tomatoes, but somehow they keep disappearing off the vine before they turn red (DOGSSSSSSSS!!!!!!). We have several ears of corn that should be ready any day now.


green tomatoes

corn stalks

ear of corn

The boys have taken somewhat of an interest in gardening, or at least eating what comes out of our garden, which is really neat! 

Nanas + Cousins

The Sunday we got home from Tazewell, we got another opportunity for some family time. The Nanas were coming through town to take Kaitlyn home to Charleston and agreed to stop by and spend a couple of nights with us to help break up the trip. Anne got to come for this visit too and it's been a really long time since we've gotten to see her. I took the day off work on Monday and we kept the boys home from school to get to hang out. It's always fun when these people come - the boys have a blast and get so spoiled! We just had some good old fashioned quality time together. No major plans or activities. We just hung out around the house and enjoyed the company.

Nana and William on the porch

Helping crush Oreos for our ice cream casserole dessert

When you're REALLY in to crushing Oreos!
This just cracks me up!

Everybody get on the couch!

Silly boy

The best kind of nap!

Kaitlyn and Ryan

Dinner time!
We had Lisa come over to visit, too!


Love the cousins!

Morning time :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


So this may look like a scene from a horror movie.

But it's not. Just an ol' nose bleed. Ryan has been consistently having nose bleeds recently. It's plaguing us all! Not really, and it's totally not a big deal, but it just happens a lot. It usually requires an outfit change and it can be unnerving to see your child with blood on his face! It's also affecting his teachers at school since the nose bleed does not discriminate about when and where it will come for a visit.

Nose bleed in the car this morning.
I just looked back there and saw him like this!

I've talked to his neurologist and pediatrician about it in the past when I was concerned, and both assured me that it's normal and should not be a concern, but I think I will bring it up again at our next appointments with each, especially since it's become so common here recently.

Any suggestions to help prevent nose bleeds? Leave me a comment! 

Summer in Tazewell - 2018

We took our annual summer visit to Tazewell during July this year.

Pit stop on the way there!

Super cute sign at this TN rest stop

Family selfie. The boys were SUPER excited! LOL

Tara, Matt, Leece and Madison were up that same weekend as well. When we arrived we went to Cuz's for dinner with everyone. We had a HUGE table and lots of food and all the kids were pretty well behaved (thank goodness!). 

Cousins on the pig outside of Cuz's
(notice Thomas in the background holding up Ryan)

Cousin photo sesh:
How cute are they?!?!

An evening on the porch!

Aunt Tara with the goodies!

My favorite brothers


On Saturday, we did fun stuff! We dropped Ryan off with Fifi and Jerry for the day because we were originally going to go tubing down the river and had lined up Fifi to watch him for us. Our tubing plans eventually changed, but we didn't want to take Ryan away from Fifi because we knew she was looking forward to spending the day with him. Plus, I don't think he would have been all that in to what we were doing! We started out the morning with a live children's play at the Barter Theatre in Abingdon. We saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was fantastic and funny! They took a slightly different approach to the story than the Disney movie, and it was very entertaining, which says a lot when you're talking about 4 young kids sitting still for longer than 5 minutes.

I had never been to Abindgon before and was very impressed. It is such a cute town. We got to briefly wander through the Martha Washington Inn before the play and it was awesome. It was so historic and had so much character, and it all tied right in to the glitzy facade. 

After the play we went to The Western Front Hotel in St. Paul, VA and had lunch at their restaurant, Milton. The food was delicious and this little boutique hotel was incredible! I loved it. The boys loved it so much, they locked themselves in! I kid, but the door to the restaurant was a jail cell door, which was pretty cool!

Locked up

Cousins at the Western Front
From there we walked over to Sugar Hill Brewery and had beers and desserts. 

Legit - this actually happened. They came downstairs and had
the EXACT same shirt on. We were running late so neither
of them changed. We had more than 1 set of multiples
on this outing! #twinning LOL....

All in all, I was really impressed with the little town of St. Paul. It was small but has some cool stuff to offer. I loved getting the opportunity to see some places near Tazewell that I've heard about for years but had never been to. #finally ;)

That evening we hung out at Abby's house and had BBQ out on the porch and enjoyed the pleasant mountain breeze. We got up early on Sunday and came back home. For some reason, weekends in Tazewell always seem to go by way too quickly. We never end up doing everything we planned on and wanted to do - we just always run out of time. But we love the quality time we get to spend with family and with fresh mountain air. Nothing beats it. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Clemson Cuties

We ended up going back to the lake on Saturday, July 7th with MaSha, Ashley, Taylor and Anna after our July 5th lake day. Ashley was bringing Taylor and Anna to stay with MaSha for the week in Greenville, so they were in town and we try to take every opportunity we can to go to the lake!

While we were there, I didn't take any pictures - what?!?!?! I don't even know. It happens sometimes (rarely). On the way back to Greenville that night, we stopped at The Smokin' Pig, a BBQ place in Pendleton, to have dinner. Thomas has been dying to try it. It's a local favorite and even the ESPN crew makes a point to eat there whenever they're in Clemson covering a football game (check out the restaurants listed on the 2016 Herbie Awards). I had The Smokin' Pig once before, a la take-out, and let me just tell you, eating it there while it's still hot is even better. This place gets two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Right outside there's a beat-up old pickup truck that is solely used for decor. The vintage look is cool and it's such a fun little quirky and memorable part of the restaurant. The boys were intrigued (duh...TRUCK!) so we had to get an up close and personal look at it. I snapped one quick picture before Stokes moved and then Ryan fell, and that was the end of that fun.

Smokin' Pig in Pendleton

Lake day with Mimi, B and Marlowe

Carole was so sweet to extend an invitation to come up to the lake with her, Beth and Marlowe for the day after the 4th. We didn't have a dog sitter, so we were only able to go up for the day, and couldn't spend the night (plus...work on Friday!) but we had a blast! It was a fun, peaceful and relaxing day at the lake. We love going up to Lake Keowee! And anytime we're around Carole and Beth, it's guaranteed to be a good time. We missed Coco and team though!

Kayaking with William and Stokes

Go bros!

The sweetest nap - RYAN
Getting some lake time in

My boys!

Tubing with William

Tubing and swimming wears little guys OUT!

Sooooo sleepy....zzzzzzz

Marlowe and William...true love?!?! TBD

Beth with Marlowe and William on the tube
These kids are fearless!

Family pic
We love Lake Keowee!

Family pic + Mimi and Marlowe

This is the most beautiful lake!
The mountains are stunning. This pictures does not do it

These two....

Marlowe with all her boys!