Sunday, October 30, 2016

Great grands and pumpkin carving

Earlier this week, Granddad and GranO came by and brought dinner and MaSha came over for a little family gathering. We used this opportunity to carve pumpkins as well. The boys loved hanging out and eating dinner with their great grandparents and MaSha and had fun carving the pumpkins. We let them take out the pumpkin seeds and gunk - the perfect activity for little guys!

Dessert time!

Dada cutting off the tops!

time to clean them out

Ryan liked the newspaper

Stokes kept taking the seeds out of the bowl and putting them
back into the pumpkin LOL


GranO walking with Ryan

The finished product - one for each of the boys

MaSha with Ryan

Playing with GranO and cars

William with Granddad

MaSha, William, Ryan, Granddad

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