Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Royal Wedding!!!!

The Royals are my fave (see here and here) so I was really, really excited for the Royal Wedding over the weekend! I think Meghan Markle and Price Harry make a fantastic couple!

There are some more similarities between (ahem) myself and the royals - Meghan was a Kappa Kappa Gamma, just like me. I'm still wondering why I wasn't invited to the wedding! Also, she is older than Prince Harry by a few years, and I'm older than Thomas by about 4 months. She is a great actress and I can type really fast. So, as you see, I think I would get along great with Meghan. I'm ready to be friends with her.

So anyway, I wasn't really planning on getting up super early to watch (coverage began at 4 AM!), but I found myself awake and wondering what was going on across the pond at around 5:30. Instead of staying in bed and tossing and turning and thinking about the royal wedding, I just threw in the towel and headed downstairs to turn on the tv and make some coffee. Not too long after that, Stokes and Ryan joined me and then eventually Thomas joined the royal wedding watch party in our family room! William spent the night at MaSha's so he wasn't there with us...otherwise he'd have been watching, too.

Stokes watching Meghan
(still dark outside - super early!)

Both boys were into it!

Royal fans!
Look who joined!

So beautiful!


That was a beautiful wedding! I loved Meghan's dress and the music for the ceremony was amazing. I missed most of the sermon because I was cooking breakfast and doing stuff around the house, but I can say that I loved the wedding parts that I got to watch. I loved when William and Harry walked in together, watching the celebs arrive, when Meghan got out of the car and when Prince Charles walked her down the aisle...it was all so magical. I teared up several times. Beautiful occasions and timeless music will do that to a girl! Plus, I just really love weddings.

I kid you not, Stokes asked me to specifically make heart shaped pancakes! Yes, sir!!!

Love was in the air!

After the actual wedding was over, I was in a rush to get ready because I had brunch plans with some very special ladies! We decided several weeks back that we wanted to do a Royal Wedding brunch - and we needed to look the part. We all managed to get fascinators and showed up to Passerelle on Saturday morning to toast the new couple! It was the perfect ending to a fairy tale morning for me.

Selfie with Ryan before I left
Passerelle Bistro
Heather brought her Walker's Shortbread
cookies with Will & Kate's picture on it
for the occasion. Perfect!!!!
L to R: Lesley, Wendy, Connie, Heather, me
A picture in the park
The Royal Wedding was just the perfect opportunity to get together with these ladies. We're always looking for a fun excuse to get dressed up and go do something. We got lots of comments and compliments while we were downtown and brunching. It's not every day that you see fascinators being worn in Greenville, SC! ;)

Cheers to Meghan and Harry! And many blessings for a joyful and love-filled life together!

p.s. Kate is still my fave! 

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  1. Love this! And you! P.S. cracked up at “I type fast!” xoxo