Monday, May 7, 2018

Five little monkeys on the bed

Last weekend Matt, Tara, Leece and Madison came up from Charleston for a visit. They stayed at MaSha's house but met us at tee-ball in the morning and then came and spent the afternoon at our new house. All the kids had so much fun playing together and we pulled out the bounce house for an enhanced entertainment experience!

All the kids in the bounce house

Dance party time!

After a fun afternoon, the crew headed back to MaSha's house and we all got ready for the evening. MaSha BRAVELY agreed to watch ALL the kids at her house so that the parents of littles could go out to dinner. I think this was a first....and she crushed it. We tried to help out as much as possible by getting everyone bathed and in pj's ahead of time and then took the boys over the MaSha's house. We fed them dinner there before we headed out. 

Dinner at MaSha's with all the kiddos

Right before we were leaving, MaSha put on a movie and everyone piled in on her bed to watch it. Five little monkeys on the bed (hopefully not jumping though!). While we were gone, MaSha managed it all and took everything in stride. She did tell us that they were using "potty humor" to make each other laugh and that they were all just in stitches the whole time. 

MaSha with 5 of 7 grands

We had a great time at dinner and then stopped by a brewery out in TR after we ate. It was such a fun night! It worked out really well - we didn't get any worried or stressed texts from MaSha while we were gone - and just had fun. The 4 of us used to go out to dinner and have a blast on a regular basis pre-kids and it has seriously been YEARS since we've gotten to do that. Felt kind of like old times! 

The phrase of the night was flim flam, coined by Tara, who didn't realize we were going all the way to TR for dinner and was only partially on-board with getting another drink after dinner. Her brother has a way of working the angles. We're very thankful for time spent with family and for the kids's amazing grandmother, MaSha, for being willing to take on 5 littles for a night! 

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