Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tee-ball season end

After our Royal Wedding watch party followed by brunch on Saturday morning, I had to book it to the tee-ball field for Stokes and William's last game of the season. I was literally changing out of my dress and fascinator in the car in to something a little more appropriate (and comfortable) in which to watch tee-ball. I was late, of course, but the important thing was that I was there for most of the game and got to see some great plays (and lots of playing in the dirt) from my two very favorite tee-ballers!

Both William and Stokes had fun playing this season and really loved their team and Coach Kyle.

Leaving the dug-out for the last time

Snack time!

Pic with Coach Kyle!

Family pic at the ball field
After we left the game, we immediately went to Brewery 85 with the team for a post-season celebration. We all had pizza, the grown-ups had a few beers, the kids got their trophies and it was super fun!

Cute kiddos
Cubs team picture!
Ryan had fun at the tee-ball party, too!

How super cool is this team picture?

During the trophy ceremony, Coach Kyle called each of them up and had a few words. Here are the videos for Stokes and William!

This team was a lot of fun and Thomas and I both enjoyed our first parental venture into baseball. It was great meeting the other parents and getting to know these awesome boys. I really, really liked this team. Unfortunately, since our boys were the youngest on the team, all the other kids are moving up to coach's pitch next year and ours will still be in tee-ball, so we won't get to stay with all the same kids. I'm sure we'll get to meet some others that are awesome too though. 

So long, 2018 spring tee-ball season. We will miss you, but will also be glad to not have so many games during the week! Ha!

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