Friday, May 4, 2018

Appointments Update

Last week Ryan had 2 follow-up appointments - Neurology and then Ophthalmology. Sweet boy was a trooper, as always. You may remember reading about the last eye appointment he had (spoiler alert: it wasn't pretty). This time was much better, re: no vom. WIN!

Neurology came first and it was just a check-up. Nothing major to report here. Meds all seem to be doing their job, and no changes are needed at this time. We did talk about Ryan seeming to be at a little bit of a plateau for development. And actually, plateau is not the right word, because he's not done with his progress, but the curve has changed some and his progress seems to have slowed down. That said, he's still moving in the right direction.

During his ophthalmology appointment, we followed back up with what the doctor had told us last time and I gave her a progress report of trying to get Ryan set up with orientation and mobility therapy, which is easier said than done. I've been calling all over and getting referred to other places to call. It's been a wild goose chase, but I'm plugging away. I think we will get there sooner rather than later. The doctor was also able to give me more reference material about CVI so I can continue to learn about it. I need to make this a priority so that I can provide help to Ryan's therapists and so I can be more intentional at home by doing day to day things in a way that will help him or assist him. This appointment was still pretty long, and the doctor is very thorough, which I really appreciate. They didn't have to dilate his eyes, which explains why there was no throw up. Yay. I did have a change of clothes for each of us, just in case! I can't handle what happened last time so I will come prepared to all eye appointments from now on. ;)

Do you like his duck face?
He's been doing this with his lips lately.
Maybe it's a precursor to talking?!?!?!

In other health news, Ryan's been relatively well, as have his brothers, so we've had very few trips to the pediatrician. This mama likes that!

Stay healthy, everyone! 

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