Wednesday, October 25, 2017

S & W Gameday...Beatin' the Eagles

On Saturday, 9/23/17, we got to use our season tickets to take the boys to a game! It was finally a home game that we were in town for and not a night game. Yay! The boys had been talking about "going to the Tigers" for a while and I was so excited to be able to finally take them. They went to one game last year, but I feel like they are able to get much more out of the experience this year vs. last year.

Fifi and Jerry were in town from the previous week while I was in California for work travel, so they agreed to stay home and watch Ryan so that we could take Stokes and William go the game with us. It was a 3:30 game (PERFECT!!!!!) and we had a soccer game that morning. That was pretty cool because Fifi and Jerry came to the soccer game, got to watch the boys in action, then they took Ryan home with them and we left for Clemson. We grabbed some lunch on our way into Clemson and then had some time to tailgate and hang out before the game started.

Real "tailgating"
Eating a quick lunch at our parking spot before
meandering around

Clemson Alumni wrapped van

At Carole's tailgate in Lot 2

Molly was reading a book to Kate and the boys <3

sweet kids


With Carole and the Andresens


SOOOO excited!

Go Tigers!

So the truth is...Stokes asked to go to the bathroom at least 4 the first half! Our seats are way up high so it's hard to get up and down the stairs that many times. Plus, I hate walking in front of all the other people in our row so much. I know it's annoying. Stokes was also incredibly bored during the game and wouldn't sit still. Challenges!! After buying a frozen lemonade, Skittles, popcorn and a bunch of bottled waters, we left after halftime. 

Boys doing what boys love - playing in the grass!

It was a full day with soccer and then straight to Clemson and all the fanfare with the game, we had two little sleepy guys on the drive home. Thomas and I listened to the game on the radio. 

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