Tuesday, October 24, 2017

GranO's birthday pool party

GranO and Granddad were in town last month dog sitting for GranO's daughter, Dana Paige, and it just happened to be GranO's 80th birthday! GranO invited us all to Dana Paige's house on Saturday afternoon for a pool party. Our neighborhood pool closed after Labor Day weekend, so we hadn't had pool access for a little while. We were very excited to go for a few reasons: 1) we love celebrating birthdays; 2) GranO and Granddad were here YAY! and 3) a POOL!!!!

We ate, we swam, we watched football, we (didn't) nap....all lots of fun. Before she left for her trip, Dana Paige cooked us an incredible meal and GranO and I just basically had to put stuff in the oven or heat things up - easy peasy. How thoughtful of Dana Paige. :)

MaSha had been out of town that weekend but came over to have dinner with us that evening and we had a great little get together.

We loved spending time with family, especial with GranO on her big birthday!

Lunch in the gorgeous backyard! Everything looked like it was out of a magazine! *swoon*

Then some swimming/relaxing time. Thomas and I had swimsuits but realized that the water was way too cold for us! The cold water didn't bother the boys, though!

Gourmet dinner time! It was a beautiful evening to sit out by the pool and dine al fresco (my fave)

GranO's birthday cake!

It was a fun day and evening with some of our favorite people. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, GranO! xoxo

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