Monday, October 30, 2017

Lake with the Nanas, part 2

I'm not sure if this is an annual tradition just yet, but we went to Carole's lake house last year (see post here) and then went again this year. Carole gave me a few dates when she had the house and no one was planning to use it. I cross-checked with my aunts/the Nanas to see if they were available and wanted to come. We landed on the last week in September.  When we picked the week, it was a little iffy on weather. We weren't sure if it would be cold, whether we'd have a tropical storm, whether it'd be nice and sunny and warm - in September, you could get any of the above. We totally lucked out with really warm, summer-like weather!

We didn't want to pull Ryan away from his special needs school, because he would have missed his therapy sessions for the week, so I just took Stokes and William to the lake with me. Thomas stayed home to work and kept Ryan and got him to and from school each day. I, incidentally, worked at the lake, but realized that I should have taken PTO. It was too stressful to try to take care of the boys and get all my work done, especially with it being the end of the quarter.

Anyway, we stayed at the lake Tuesday - Thursday. My aunts got there on Tuesday afternoon. We floated around in the lake and had fun. I don't know how to do the boat, and didn't want to mess with it on my own, but once Carole got there on Wednesday, we got to go out on some boat rides. My aunts LOVED coming to the lake again and it's such a special time for them to get to spend some quality time with the boys in such a fun and relaxed setting.

*We had one little incident that I will do a separate post about. Stay tuned...

Sunset boat ride on Wednesday evening once Carole got there:

GORGEOUS evening on the lake!

Sleepy boys after all the swimming & playing

On a walk

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