Thursday, October 26, 2017

One of our faves

Fifi is so reliable and awesome and good to help us out. Whenever one of us is traveling or if we want to do something fun over a weekend and need help with the boys, she's one of the first people that we will call and ask for help. She stayed with Thomas and the boys for a whole work week while I had to travel to Irvine, CA in mid-September and then stayed through the weekend so that Thomas and I could take Stokes and William to the Clemson game and Ryan could stay home with her and Jerry. She truly is one of our (and the boys's) faves!

Before she left on Sunday, I insisted that we get a few pics of her and the guys while they were ready for church! I think it's cute that they were coordinated. :)

We love this lady right here. Shout out to Fifi!

Their fun little personalities...

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