Thursday, October 19, 2017

Arrogantly Shabby in 2017

This is seriously out of control because I haven't blogged in more than a MONTH! I'm way behind. Work has taken over my life lately. I'm working fast and furious to get caught up on all the posts, but the beach post once again held me hostage for a while. And BTW, why do I care about chronological order?!?! OCD. Anyway, get ready for a barrage of posts while I catch up to current times in our lives....

So yep, as you may have read in the post title, we went to Pawleys Island again this year. Our house this year was far from shabby, however, and we were living like kings for our beach week. We went with Joey, Lisa, and Davis again this year like we did in 2015 and had some visitors with the Mays coming for the end of the week. It was, once again, an awesome beach vacation. I'm so glad that we went when we did because we narrowly missed several hurricanes, most notably Irma. I would have been so disappointed if we had to cancel our vacation that we waited alllllllllllll summer for.

So I'll just jump right in. Lisa and I each took about 1000 pics, so I'll try not to overdue it with all the pictures in this post ("try" is the key word!). Lisa showed me some DSLR camera tips that I put into practice this year...some with good results, some, well not so much. She and I traded memory cards so we could upload each other's pictures, which meant that we each have about 2000 pictures recorded of the week. A good portion of them are redundant since we were both taking pictures of the kids at the same time, but good lord, that's a lot to look through!

Our vacation started the day after the boys's fourth birthday. Our beach rental didn't start until Sunday but we drove down to Charleston on Saturday morning, right after Stokes and William's first soccer practice. Literally, we had the whole car jam packed with all of our beach stuff, stopped by the soccer field for an hour, left the Y soccer fields and went straight down to Charleston. We met up with Matt, Tara, Leece, Madison, Rick and Debbie for lunch down there. Then we went our separate ways - Thomas took Stokes and William with him to Tara's house and I took Ryan and stayed with Jacqui. Jacqui and I got to grab dinner on King Street and had a great time while her hubby Adam stayed home and kept our boys (Ryan slept - yay!).

Sunday morning, Ryan and I met up with everyone else at Bagel Nation for a late breakfast and vacation officially began. After breakfast, we drove north up to Pawleys Island. We had some time to kill, so we went to the Hammock Shops, where there's a kids playground. Joey, Lisa and Davis eventually met us there and all the boys played together. Then we grabbed a late lunch at PIT (Pawleys Island Tavern) and then it was finally time to get our key the house and move in for the week! Check in time was 4:00 and it felt like it took forever! ;)

Lunch at PIT

Sunday we made it out to the beach for a little while because we couldn't take it anymore. We HAD to see the ocean!

Our home for the week!

The kids were all getting along great and playing together from the get-go.

Monday was RAINY. We were getting the effects of a tropical storm. It kept us inside most of the day.

Joey and Thomas at our crab dock.
Can you tell how hard it's raining?!?!

That afternoon when the rain stopped, we went out for a walk, but it was really windy and the sand was blowing really hard! The walk was brief....for obvious reasons (toddlers).

Stokes was being Joey's baby!
After this I kind of lose track of the days and what we did when, since this happened TWO months ago. Yeah. So the rest of this post will be a scattering of pictures and maybe a little commentary about what we were doing or what was going on...

Beach play time
Sleeping like a little angel!
Ryan had a king sized bed all to himself!!!
Football with Joey

Silly boys!

A beautiful day with the beach all to ourselves...

I'm pretty sure Lisa gets credit for the 2 pics above...

A Dad, 2 of his boys, and his beard

This encompasses 3 of our favorite things:
the beach, Clemson Tigers and Prodoh :)
Post shaving session. Beard is gone, but...
towels just happened to be drying on the porch like this
(that's birth order!)

Boys at the crab dock

All the guys...
Notice something weird on Thomas's face??? (eye roll)
Mama's with the boys
The Pruetts!
I love this picture. 
The Peerys
(apparently my lens was a little foggy)

I took this while's a little lopsided, but still pretty!
We went back out to The Hammock Shops on Tuesday evening to eat at BisQit. 

Boys on the bench outside the restaurant
Playing in Lisa's bed
Lisa and I coordinated matching PJs!
Check it out - they're holding Ryan's hand to help him stand.

The world is your oyster, son.

This one just makes me smile...

Lisa and Davis making sand castles
No words...
Beautiful sunrise...
God's beauty on display.

Wednesday evening we had some professional pictures done. More to come on that and they will get their own blog post!!!

What a cutie!

We found this baby pool at the house and there was
a lot of playing in there going on!
Catching fish in their nets

A walk down to the south end of the island...

The Mays family drove down late on Thursday night. We got to have a fun couple of days with them there to finish out the week with us!

Ava Lane!!!!
She hung in there with all the boys!

Thomas and Joey tubed on the creek

On Friday night we went to dinner at Wicked Tuna with our whole group!

Real life with toddler triplets...

Our attempt to get a pic of the boys with this massive shark.
Kids on the Murrell's Inlet marsh walk behind Wicked Tuna

After dinner on the crab dock...

Saturday was Clemson GAME DAY! We booked our beach house before we decided to get season tickets to Clemson this year and I was disappointed that we had to miss the very first home game of the season. And you know what? We never even sold or gave away our they totally went to waste. PET PEEVE. :(  Anyway, if we have to miss a game, there's no where I'd rather be than at the beach! The let the boys wear their Clemson jerseys that day to celebrate the beginning of the season and to support their Tigers!

Future love???
As someone older and wiser, he can show her the way.

Ring around the rosie in the baby pool
They all fall down!

Thomas and Joey and Clark all floated on Saturday afternoon

Touchdown, TIGERS!
Welp, we tried to match all the kiddos and take a pic but weren't all that least with the pictures! 

My sweet girl (she loves me!)

We picked crab!
Kiddos in bed. Time to eat!

Sunday morning, we had to pack up and get out. It was the saddest morning! I seriously got the blues as soon as we got in the car. I had to try not to cry that our awesome vacation was over. Waving goodbye to the Pruetts and the Mays broke my heart. It was really over. At least there's next year to look forward to! We need to start making plans now!!!!

How we occupied the kids so we could load all the cars

My only (minor) complaint about this house was that we had NO beach when the tide came in. The water was literally on our steps. It turned out OK because that was normally the time of day when the kids were napping, or at least came inside for some down time, but still a little bit of a bummer.

All in all, it was an incredible vacation with two of our favorite families. I love all the memories we're making and the tight bonds we're creating between all of our children. Till next year...

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