Sunday, October 29, 2017

4 year well check

I was dreading this appointment because I had heard from friends that the 4 year well check has....duh, duh, duh (scary music sound)...SHOTS. All of the other appointments with shots happened so long ago that they boys didn't remember and didn't have any fear of going to the doctor. They actually really liked going to the doctor. At times, they would actually make up not feeling well and tell me that they needed to go to the doctor! I knew this appointment would come as a shock to them.

Pre-shots, just waiting around...

They each got several shots - I think 3 or 4 each!

Ryan even had to get an extra immunization from one that he missed out on in the past due to medications. Poor guy!

At least the nurses come in with everything ready to go and make it as quick as possible. The problem was that they were all in the same room and saw what happened to a brother or 2 before it happened to them. Panic was rising! Everyone was freaking out! There were lots of screams and tears. Stokes wasn't able to bounce back very quickly, but William and Ryan were fine after a few seconds.

(Stokes was still being held)
Showing me their muscles since they were so brave!
Stokes will still grumpy

Still now, even just for little sick visits, they will ask me if they're getting a shot. It's pitiful and makes me sad!

Along with the shots, we also got updated growth charts. And guess what - we still have little guys. The pediatrician said that by the time they turn 2 or 3, they will start showing their height if they're destined to be tall. That's not a hard and fast rule though and I still have faith that these 3 guys will be big and tall like their Daddy! Thomas's doctor said that he would only be 5'9" and he ended up 6'2"!

Updated stats:


  • Weight - 29 lbs, 6.4 oz (3rd percentile)
  • Height - 3'2" (7th percentile)
  • BMI - 14.31 (9th percentile)
  • Weight - 31 lb, 3.2 oz (9th percentile)
  • Height - 3'1.4" (3rd percentile
  • BMI - 15.68 (52nd percentile)
  • Weight - 31 lb, 3.2 oz (9th percentile)
  • Height - 3' 2.78" (16th percentile)
  • BMI - 14.59 (16th percentile)
We're continuing to push for good, healthy and filling dinners. Yes, I could let them eat lots and lots of dessert and treats to get their weight up, but I don't want to start poor eating habits this early and create a lifelong battle for them with healthy nutrition. We're adding in Pediasure to Stokes's daily diet in the hopes that it will help him put some weight on. He's all lean muscle - not an ounce of fat. And trust me, he's very strong! 

I'm still so preoccupied with their numbers and stats. You'd think 4 years after leaving the NICU I wouldn't be so concerned with all this stuff. They're all healthy! Count my blessings! I guess I will just always have that preemie/NICU mentality. It also feels a little bit like a mom fail that they aren't in the middle of the charts by now. Both Thomas and I are within normal/average range I think! Since the boys aren't there, I feel like I'm not doing enough to help them get big and strong. I know it's in my head and God's plan is what's in store for them, size-wise and with everything, but when I hear those percentiles, I feel like I've failed them a little. Their doctor did not seem too concerned, however, so we'll just keep on keeping on. But also...grow, babies, grow!!!! 

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