Monday, November 21, 2016


Last week, a sweet picture of the boys from November 2013 popped up in my Facebook Timehop. I kind of remember trying to take that picture three years ago. The picture was originally posted on November 17, World Premarity Awareness Day, which is a day that always makes me so grateful. So anyway, I shared the Timehop picture this year and got a lot of likes and comments on Facebook. I just couldn't stop looking at the picture and thinking how much bigger and different the boys look, but then they also look kind of the same, if that makes any sense, which it doesn't.

We still have those sweet, white knit blankets from the picture that my old neighbor Cathy Kinninger knitted for them and I got the brilliant idea that I would try to recreate the original picture. HAHAHAHA!

The boys are at an age now that I can tell them certain things, like, "put your hand right here and look this way" and they DO understand, but cannot seem to stay still for more than a millisecond. :)

Here's the picture collage of both pictures - 2013 and 2016. They're in the same order and I attempted to get the same pose. It's kind of close, right? Anyway, they were sweet then and they're sweet now. Love these three little angels!

L to R: Ryan, William and Stokes

Can you tell that I used my phone to take the 2013 pic and my good camera to take the 2016 pic? What a difference a good camera makes! Lordy!

Anyway, they boys were having so much fun playing with these blankets. They kept pulling them up over their heads and giggling! After we were done with our little photo shoot, and ready for bed, Stokes went back to the blankets and crawled in and told us he was going to sleep there on the floor. Then pretended to fall asleep, complete with his fake snores. Hilarious!

Stokes: fake snoring

Here are a few outtakes, which are all so cute, too!

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