Tuesday, November 29, 2016

3 year well check

Last week we {finally} had our 3 year well check. We switched pediatricians (long story, but it was all about billing and insurance, not due to unsatisfactory service from them), so this was a long appointment, getting to know our new pediatrician.

Everyone is doing great overall, except they are still on the small end of the growth chart. They look big to me, and don't seem noticeably smaller than other kids in their class, but they're definitely on the low end of the chart. For now. ;)

We talked about potty training and discipline and other questions and concerns that I had with the pediatrician. All three boys got a flu shot and Ryan got a Hep A vaccine as well. He got behind on shots a while back due to medicines he was on at the time, so he's slowly catching up.

Here are the stats:
Stokes - Weight 28 lb, 6.4 oz (10%); Height 2' 11.63" (5%); BMI 15.73 (44%)
Ryan - Weight 28 lb, 3.2 oz (9%); Height 3' .5" (14%); BMI 14.88 (16%)
William - Weight 29 lb, 3.2 oz (16%); Height 3' .61" (16%); BMI 15.31 (29%)

Thomas and I were at the appointment together and when it was finally over, we took the boys to Chick-fil-A for a late lunch before taking them back to school. At some point during lunch, Thomas made a comment about how it was tough and he doesn't want me to have to do those kinds of appointments without him moving forward. Yay for me! And he's right - it IS tough and having 2 adults there is WAY better than one.

We'll have our next well visit about a year from now. Sorry for the disappointment, but I didn't take any cute pictures of the boys at the appointment to post here. But on the bright side, we had an awesome Thanksgiving and a post is coming soon! 

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