Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Oyster Roast 2016

Remember last fall when we did a little oyster roast? I went back and re-read that post and laughed because we decided to do one this year, too, and I did decide to pretty it up a little this time. It has finally gotten chilly in our neck of the woods, and while it wasn't too cold when the sun was out, as soon as that sun set, it was a good thing we had the fire pit going!

Peerys at the Oyster Roast

Mostly everyone is looking

The afternoon was beautiful and we had a fun group of friends that was able to come over. We had oysters outside along with our laptop and projector for football games and we had the Clemson/Pitt game on inside (let's not talk about it; I'm still hurt). We had a chili bar and a salad bar for the adults and hot dogs, fries and fruit for the kids and then s'mores for dessert!

Thanks to our friends that were able to make it. We missed those that couldn't come! I think we have decided that we might have to make this an annual event so we will probably make some improvements each year. This year was a pretty good one, though! ;)

Lisa playing with the kiddos

Grayson brought his karaoke machine!

The Pruetts spent the weekend with us!
Davis and Grayson

Tucker - sweetest baby!

Playing in the bounce house

Some of the dudes

One of the first batches of oysters

Plenty of oyster knives, crackers,
hot sauce and cocktail sauce!

Kids, dads, oysters, football and fire :)

After dinner we brought out the s'mores!

S'mores station
Thomas helping Stokes and William
roast their marshmallows

Plaid Pic!
Catherine, Stacey and me

Lots of little Tiger fans!
Stokes, William, Hayes and Brady

Brent and Thomas

The Youngs!
Heather, Caroline and Walker

Since Grayson's karaoke machine was
such a success, Stokes brought his little
one out and was serenading us. :)

Stokes and Caroline were hanging out

William on the real karaoke mic. He was saying, "Go
baby Tigers!" HAHAHA!

Ryan trying to get warm by the fire

Megan and Price - how cute is his hat?!?!?

Ryan and me before going back inside to the warmth!

Stokes and Landon

They were watching videos on Stacey's phone

Then William snuggled up to Landon!

Thomas with William and Stokes
before they had to go in to bed

We had a great time and had minimal clean up to do that night (thanks, ladies!!!). After we got all the tired kids to bed, Joey, Lisa, Thomas and I were hanging out and watching football and I think I may have been asleep in the living room chair by 10:30 PM. #momlife
Can't wait for our 2017 Oyster Roast!

Example of "prettying it up" from last year to this year:

Last year's patio set up
Last year's oyster table

This year's porch set up

This year's patio set up (with bounce house un-inflated in
the background)

This year's oyster table
I loved the addition of the white lights. It helped so much with being able to see outside after the sun set. Thanks to Joey for helping Thomas hang them!

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