Friday, September 4, 2015


This week I met this little guy, Colton Bender Herceg. He's the son of my bestie, Steph (aka Nator) and is 4 weeks old. He lives in Atlanta, so I packed up my laptop and drove down there to visit him for a few days. He's precious. I was so glad to get to meet him and spend time with him and Nator. 

He smelled so sweet! I forgot what newborns smell like. YUMMY. 

Nator is doing awesome job as a new mom. I'm so proud of her!
BTW, hi, Johanna! ;)

Colt and his Mama

Look at that sweet face

So snuggly in his rock n play

Colton, his Da-da and big sister, Emmylou

We got to see Adam, too! Nator, Adam and I left Colt with
his Da-da and went to dinner one evening. Good times!

I love everyone in this pic

He slept a lot - which was great!

Auntie Katie holding my little Colt

Just so cute!!

One last snuggle before I had to hit the road

I think we're already besties!!