Friday, September 4, 2015

24 month well check

We had the boys' 2 year well check on Friday, 9/4/15. It was fairly uneventful since there aren't any major concerns that we have right now. I think back to how many questions and concerns I used to have at every appointment and now we just go and check in to make sure everyone's still doing OK. What a difference 2 years makes!

Stokes - 24 lbs (7.74 percentile) & 32.75" (17.44 percentile)

Ryan - 23.8 lbs (6.65 percentile), 33" (22.49 percentile)

William - 25.7 lbs (17.44 percentile), 34.25 (56.24 percentile)

They're still peanuts, but getting bigger!! 

La La reading to Ryan

Snack time for Stokes

They have a TV in the room, too :)

Stokes and William had to get a finger prick and 4 shots each. Ouch! Ryan had to get a finger prick and 2 shots. He's a little behind due to being on medicine that prevented him from getting certain shots at previous appointments. He's catching up on the shots but is on a different schedule than his brothers. Stokes and William cried a little when they got their shots, but were pretty tough. Ryan, my strong man, did not even shed a single tear! He's super tough.

S pre-shots - not too sure about what's going to happen

S post-shots - not happy :(

W pre-shots - doing ok...

W post-shots - upset but getting distracted by the bubble
machine in the room

R pre-shots - doing good!

R post-shots - still doing good and liking the bubbles!

Stokes got a flu shot, which contains eggs, to which he's allergic. Since his allergic reactions have only ever been topical (red areas around his mouth) and not anaphylactic, they said he was OK to have one, but we had to wait there at the office for 30 minutes after the shot to make sure he didn't have a crazy reaction. He was fine, thankyouverymuch. :)

Waiting was actually kind of fun because our pediatrician's office has this awesome little playground. The boys had a blast! See ya in 6 months, well visits!

LaLa and Ryan in the shade

Playground time

Wrong way, buddy!


So much fun!


Loving life

Very agile

Hey William!

Ryan was ready to go home haha

Cutie boy

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  1. Yay, boys!!! Good job growing and doing well! P.S. Why in the world does a flu shot have eggs?? So random. xo