Monday, August 31, 2015

Oh, TWOdles!

Welcome to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse hot-diggity-dog 2nd birthday party!

My 2 year old Mouseketeers - Stokes, Ryan and William

As you can guess, we went with a Mickey theme for the boys' birthday party and kept it pretty small and low-key. I lucked out with getting to borrow a lot of the party decor and we put together a really simple menu and some fun friends and voila - it's partytime!

Cute Mickey centerpiece and red placemats

Balloon vase

More balloons and a Mickey canvas art piece :)

Happy Birthday Banner

Close-up of the banner
Mickey ear paper lanterns hanging up throughout the house

Dining room with centerpiece
(we didn't even use the dining room but
it was ready, just in case!)

Cute boys with their birthday shirts on!


Mickey made out of Oreos

The favors - Mickeys with M&Ms inside and Mickey lollipops

Cute Mickey door wreath

The back porch

More paper lanterns

Toys set up on the patio

The bounce house was the boys' birthday present this year. It was a pretty big hit at the party and I was so glad that we have it! It inflates really easily and I think we may be able to set it up inside for rainy days or this winter when it's too cold to play outside.

It's time to party. Oh, toodles...or as we like to say "oh, TWOdles"!!!

MaSha and Ryan

Brady and one of his biggest fans, William

Hayes and a balloon

Ryan and Stephanie

MaSha and Ryan - cruisin' around


Catherine with Brady, Stokes, William and  Hayes

Claire and George

Caroline and Heather

Bounce house action

Stokes coming down the slide to Da-da

Cutie pie, Hayes

MaSha and Brian, Claire and George

Stokes on a trike

Our Grill Master, Thomas, grilling up some hot-diggity-dogs

Ryan and me

The Atwoods - Brent, Hayes, Catherine (and Brady on the steps)

Clark, Walker, Caroline and Heather

Our food table

Grilled hot dogs (with ketchup, mustard, relish, onions,
chili, cheese and honey mustard), chips, cole slaw,
baked beans and veggie tray

More playtime

Brent and Brian manning the bounce house while
Thomas manned the grill

Hayes and Brady eating dinner

Stephanie and me

Bob Henry and Wiliam

Stokes and William dinnertime

Brent with Hayes

Walker and Caroline

Stokes and his mama

He's a wild thing!

Caroline making her Daddy laugh

Hayes accidentally unplugged the bounce house while
Brady was in it and it started deflating. It was so funny!
Luckily it takes less than 1 min to inflate, so no worries!


Brian and George
Cupcake time!

Stokes and his Da-da

Mama bringing a cupcake to MaSha and Ryan

Time to blow out candles!

Blow it out, William!

Blowing out his candle


Hayes liked them, too!

Cute little guy!

Hey there, Bob!

We had the hot dog song playing on the iPad and they loved it!

This guy cracks me up!

Hayes and Clark

Big bite, Ryan!

He loved it!

More bounce house time!

And riding (and falling off of) trikes!



Totally unplanned, but we were TWINNING!
Catherine and me

Ryan and Da-da

I got my hands on this sweet girl. She is a perfect model and
she will pose and smile just right for every picture!

Da-da with Ryan and Stokes

Family picture!

Happy 2nd birthday, boys!!!

Up to no good!

Heather and me

And William crawled up behind us and wanted to join the fun

So we gave him big smoochers!

Dads and kids - awesome!

the beautiful Young family!

Ryan looking like a big boy!

Their party loot!
Thank you to our friends that came to celebrate with us!

We waited until Sunday morning to open gifts, and the boys had a great time!
Ryan is checking them out

Going for the gold

Reading new books!

Huge smile :)


Ryan loved this card

OMG - it's a big truck!

Go Ryan!

One word for this: OBSESSED

The boys got some great gifts and have been having a blast playing with them and reading them. 


  1. This is so great! everything looks awesome - where do you even find the time?!

  2. You da Party Mom Bomb! This looks amazing! Low Key - "aw pshaw"

  3. So much fun!!!! Best 2nd birthday party, ever! Love y'all! xo

  4. Y'all are the cutest!!! Happy birthday sweet boys!!!

  5. Looks like a great time!! I still can't believe those sweet boys are TWO!!