Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday fun featuring some tall tigers

We wanted to get the boys out to do something this beautiful Saturday and went downtown for the Saturday market. We were in for a fun surprise down there! Clemson Men's Basketball was doing some sort of expo along with the Tiger and the Rally Cats. We got there and saw four of our favorite basketball players right as they were leaving and unfortunately missed the Tiger and Rally Cats all together. The players were seriously about to hop in their (very nice and customized!!) van to leave and I ran over and {politely} asked if they wouldn't mind taking one more picture. I told them that we had the three biggest triplet tiger fans. They smiled and agreed to take a picture with us. The triplet thing gets 'em every time. I was glad that the boys had their Clemson hats on!!

L to R: Jaron Blossomgame, Stokes, Donte Grantham, me, Jordan Roper,
Ryan, Thomas, William and Josh Smith
I was seriously so excited! These guys were so nice and gave the boys lots of smiles and high fives. Class acts! The team is actually playing at their home games in Greenville this season while Littlejohn Stadium gets renovated. Hopefully we can make it to a few games. I love basketball (not as much as football, of course, but it's still lots of fun!). 

After we left the market, we strolled the boys down to Falls Park to sit and have a snack in the shade. There were lots of ducks and pigeons nearby that were very interested in us (really, the snacks) and the boys were quite entertained. It took a little vigilance to try to make them stay seated and not run away after all the ducks!

Snack time!

Da-da and William looking at the ducks

Da-da and his boys :)

On our way back home, we swung through a car wash. I thought it might be fun for the boys. I remember always liking riding through the car wash when I was young. It always seemed so exciting! By the time we got there, Stokes was passed out. William was a little freaked out by the car wash phenomenon. He shed some tears. I was trying to distract him/show him how cool the car wash was and he eventually settled down, but I couldn't help but laugh at his car wash fear. And I also couldn't resist getting a picture. Future William, I'm sorry, but it was just too cute!

William at the car wash

The main reason that we needed to wash the van is because it drove us down to the beach recently. We had to get the salt and sand off of this beautiful vehicle. I'm late on my beach post, but stay tuned because it's coming soon. And it's going to be awesome.
Uh oh...too much pressure.
It will be a decent post with lots of cute pictures of the boys on the beach!
That's better. :)

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