Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Feeding triplets

The boys are currently getting about 2 ounces of milk each at every feeding.  They eat 8 times per day - at 12, 3, 6, and 9 through the day and night. We are fairly strict about our feeding schedule, as I hear that it will save my sanity! So if you do the math, that is 8 bottles per baby per day, times 3.  24 BOTTLES.  Gees. It is really quite time consuming to wash and make all the bottles.  We try not to run the dishwasher a billion times a day in an effort to NOT make our utility bills skyrocket. We finally have enough bottles that we can make all the bottles for a full day without having to wash any.  We run the dishwasher once to get all the bottles clean and then do an assembly line to prepare them to feed the babies. We keep the bottles in the fridge until it's "go time". We add 2/3 teaspoon of Similac Neosure formula and then 60 ccs (aka ml) of breastmilk to each bottle.  The Neosure is just added for extra calories for these little guys! While MaSha was here, she took charge of washing and making the bottles. That is a true labor of love. We really appreciated all her help with that. We now have dedicated a shelf in our fridge solely to bottles.  Here's what it looks like!
Dedicated milk shelf...haha

This shoebox contains the pumped milk that will go into the bottles. Shortage shown here since a day's worth of bottles were just made and used up quite a bit of it!
I am anal and made instructions so that we can use the FIFO (first in, first out) method. Don't want any of this milk to go bad! ;)

A full day's worth of bottles (24), ready to go for the Peery triplets!

Had to thrown in these sweet pictures of my 3 peas in a pod. Love these onesies from their Aunt Tara!

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  1. Katie! You are doing such an amazing job!!! Keep up the good work, little mama!!