Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Do I sound like a broken record to start off every post talking about how wonderful our weekend was?!?!? Well, it's Monday...blah...and I keep thinking back to how much fun we had this weekend and how enjoyable my Mother's Day was. I wish everyday was a weekend! Actually, no, then I wouldn't appreciate them. But maybe that the work week was only 3 or 4 days and then weekends would be longer. Yeah, that sounds good!

Anyway, I had a fantastic Mother's Day. Thanks to Thomas and my boys for making such a special day for me!

The boys that made me a Mama!!!!

The morning started off with some snuggles in Mama and Dada's bed. Then I got to stay there while Thomas took the boys downstairs with him to fix breakfast. An extra 30, gloriously uninterrupted, minutes in a bed all to myself is heaven. Ahhh!

I guess I'm OK posting this totally unflattering picture here,
since Thomas already posted it to Instagram (insert eye roll)

Then I came downstairs to a ham, egg and cheese bagel prepared just for me and a whole basket of goodies, entitled "A few of my favorite things" {being sung like "The Sound of Music"}! I had only asked for 1 specific gift, but Thomas (and the boys) went above and beyond and spoiled me with several extras!

He even did handprint crafts for me!!!

Then we headed off to church to hear a wonderful message about Hope. Stokes and William received pink roses in Sunday School to give to me for Mother's Day. Then we picked up some lunch and went to my old church for a picnic in the garth where my Mom's ashes are buried. Unlike two years ago, this time I called ahead and made sure that we had access to the garth. It was a beautiful day and we had a lovely picnic.

The roses Stokes and William gave me
after Sunday School

I miss my Mom so much. In general, Mother's Day is a really happy, fun day for me. I'm very, very grateful for my boys who made me a Mama 3 and a half years ago. And although I smile, and laugh and enjoy the day, I also can't help but think of my Mom and sharp pains stab at my heart. It hurts so much to not have her around. This year, I still don't think the boys actually understood what we were doing at the garth, but they were aware that we were going to have a picnic with Grandma Robbie and we cut roses out of our garden, just for her. They say her name and speak about her, but I'm just not sure how they process that internally and if they wonder where she is and why they don't know her.

After our sweet picnic, we went back home for a downtime/grocery shopping, then kicked it back up a notch in the late afternoon. We had the bounce house inflated, toys out, and were just soaking in the sunshine and perfect spring temps. We spent all evening from about 3:00 on outside in the backyard.

Full arms = full heart

MaSha got back into town from Virginia, where she had spent most of the week, and got to our house just in time for dinner. The boys had really missed their MaSha and were so excited to see her!

We had a great dinner with ribs, cucumber & tomato salad, asian cole slaw, and corn on the cob, with apple pie for dessert. YUM! Even the boys loved everything on their plates. We got to give MaSha the cute gifts we had for her and then it was time to call it a day.

Wine bag with finger print grape bunches
This was part of her Mother's Day gift and I
was so excited as to how this cute bag turned out

What more could you ask for? I got great food, sunshine and some really awesome time with the people that I love most in the whole world. Sounds like a winner of a day to me!!!!

With such a fantastic day in my rear view mirror, my heart also goes out to so many women who may have had a tough, emotional day. I had several friends who have lost their mothers in the last year. The first Mother's Day without a Mom is so, so hard. I have friends who have lost babies, or haven't been able to have a baby. It doesn't make sense why things happen the way they do, but I pray for peace, comfort and love for all those whose Mother's Day wasn't joyful this year.

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