Thursday, May 4, 2017

A third wheel

Thomas and I love day dates! It's perfect for us. We have PTO available from work and the boys have full time preschool so we can take a day date during the week without having to worry about the boys or pay for a babysitter.

Last week I was out in Irvine, CA for work and away from the family. I got home late on Thursday night and then was sick on Friday and over the weekend. I was pretty well out of commission most of the day on Saturday, so even though I was technically home, I was getting any quality time with my guys.

It made sense for Thomas and me to both take the day off on Monday to have a day to ourselves and recover from the weekend. And then...Stokes got a fever. We couldn't take him to school, so we brought him along for our day date! He was the most awesome third wheel!

We were anticipating/hoping for a beautiful spring day, but instead we got a cloudy, rainy day. Our plans weren't going to be foiled, however, so we drove up to Clemson to spend the day. It wasn't the day we had imagined - walking through campus, enjoying the sights and sounds - but we made the best of it.

First stop - Memorial Stadium, aka Death Valley

Stokes with the Tiger statue

Mama and Stokes in front of The Rock

Poor little fella!

Smile! This is where the Tigers play!

Us and our cute 3rd wheel

We love Death Valley

Next we meandered downtown and decided where we wanted to eat lunch. TTT was calling our name... :) It just so happened that the National Championship game was on TV in there (I'm not sure if TTT runs it on a loop or if ESPN was broadcasting it...either way, it was good stuff) so we settled right in to enjoy our beer, fried pickles and sandwiches and rewatch the game!

Stokes at Tiger Town
He did not want to look at the phone for me

He only ate from his snack cup
He was missing out!

Handsome guys!

Selfie in front of the window after lunch

My sweet boy with his Mama

After lunch we walked around downtown and did some shopping...then some more shopping...then we just stepped into 1 or 2 more stores...etc. We are both suckers for Clemson "gear". 

Poor Stokes was a trooper. You could just tell he didn't feel good. He wanted to be held a lot, which is fairly unusual for him. He's normally "on the go"! I brought the thermometer and some fever medicine with us, but he never really spiked much of a fever. He took a good nap in his car seat on the way home. 

I'm glad to report that he was able to go back to school on Tuesday and has been fine ever since. I never figured out what was going on with him, but he just wasn't himself for about a day and a half. Despite not feeling well, I think he enjoyed his visit to Clemson and his alone time with Mama and Dada! It's a treat for all of us when we get to have time with each of our boys individually, because it doesn't happen nearly enough!

Thomas and I will have to plan another day date again soon when none of the boys is sick and when weather won't negatively affect our plans. I love doing matinee movies! We'll see... 

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