Friday, January 27, 2017

Monster Bad News

The title of this post is misleading. Don't worry...

We had an impromptu, spontaneous little outing yesterday. It was right up the boys's alley. Monster Jam is in town for some shows at The Well this weekend and while we didn't get tickets to go this year, I heavily, heavily debated and stewed about it. A few reasons I didn't get tickets: 1) we are going to another event very soon - more details and a post will be forthcoming; 2) while I think the boys are at an age that they would probably really like it, they're still a little on the young side for something like Monster Jam; 3) noise concerns - Stokes has been very sensitive to sounds recently and Ryan would either love it or totally hate it and I don't know which. This show is incredible loud, according to all sources. Although the boys love the show Blaze about monster trucks, I made the decision to hold off for now on taking them to Monster Jam. I struggled with the decision and feel like I'm going to have FOMO (fear of missing out) when I inevitably see pictures posted on social media of friends and their kids at the show.

Knowing all that, when an email appeared in my inbox yesterday afternoon promoting an opportunity to see/touch/feel/meet some of the monster trucks and their drivers for free around town yesterday afternoon, I got a little excited. One of the locations is very conveniently located near to our house and the boys's school. I left work a little earlier than usual yesterday, altered my usual route to drive by the gas station where the truck was supposed to be, so that I could check it out - confirm if it was indeed there, see the crowd situation, what parking was like and so forth - and then picked up the boys. I told them we were going to do something fun and the excitement built as we waiting on traffic on the short drive to the gas station where the truck was parked.

They were so excited when we finally saw it and I pointed it out to them. The name of the truck??? BAD NEWS. Hence the title of this post. Haha!

It's seriously SO BIG in person. Pictures don't do it justice. The boys could sit inside the wheel and I had a hard time lifting them up high enough to sit on top of the tire.

It was just a quick trip, but the boys had a blast, loved seeing the truck and playing in and on its wheels and it made me feel a little better for not getting Monster Jam tickets! That's a win-win.

Stokes inside the wheel

Ryan touched the tire and was laughing!

Getting the driver's autograph!

On top of the tire

On top of the tire

William inside the tire

We ran into some friends, Amanda and Jackson, which was awesome! Amanda and I haven't gotten together in quite a while so it was nice to catch up with her. I also met a cute twin family with 3.5 year olds and we shared a few stories and laughs, so that was great, too!

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