Wednesday, January 4, 2017


What a NEW YEAR'S EVE! Clemson played in the Fiesta Bowl and MaSha came over to watch the game and ring in the new year with us. We told her that she had to support Clemson and there could be no mention of the word Gamecocks if she wanted to come over and she graciously agreed and stuck by her word. :)

2016 Fiesta Bowl: Clemson vs. Ohio State

We were all decked out in our Clemson gear...even MaSha...and the boys got to watch a little bit of the game before they had to go night night. 

MaSha and Stokes

Precious tiger fan

Loving on my boys!

With my angel, Ryan!

Climbing all over MaSha!

oh hey, Ryan!!!

Silly boy

My hubs

Having lots of fun together

Pure joy
In case you didn't catch it, CLEMSON WON! BIG! It was awesome. It's safe to say that Thomas and I really, really, really enjoyed the game and our NYE.


Having a blast on NYE!


Cheers to happiness, love and laughter in 2017. Blessings for health, wealth and luck this year. 

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