Friday, December 23, 2016

Van Pelt Christmas 2016

As is our annual tradition, we went up to Charlotte this past Sunday for our Van Pelt Christmas celebration. We honestly don't get a chance to see some of our aunts, uncles and cousins very often, so I'm appreciative that we make this a priority each year.

We choose to split time between Aunt Trish and Mark and Uncle Wells and Alison. It's the best of both worlds. I was actually thinking about trying to see some of my good friends while in Charlotte, but realized that may be overly ambitious for a day trip and scaled it back to focus on family.

We started out at Aunt Trish and Mark's house. After going to early church service in Greenville, we made it there to their house in time to hang out a little while, open some gifts and eat a yummy lunch! I felt so bad because the boys don't exactly have the best table manners. They were in and out of their seats, despite us telling them to sit still and eat. I was cringing to see fabric napkins but at least there was nothing that would ruin/stain them. Suffice it to say that we recognize the need for better table manners....and we're working on it. We absolutely loved seeing Aunt Trish and Mark. They're just so sweet.

Checking out what's under the tree

Time to open gifts

Trish, Mark and the boys


Thomas with William and Ryan

Family picture

Merry Christmas!

We then went over to Uncle Wells and Alison's house for more family time. Uncle Duncan and Aunt Kathy were there as well as all the girls - Elizabeth, Mary Margaret, Virginia and Abigail. All of these girls are so attentive and just dote on the boys, so of course, the boys adore them!

We had more food over there - what's not to like about eating all day?!?!?! - and more gifts. It's still challenging to have a full adult conversation for me right now because I feel like I'm constantly on-guard to prevent any catastrophes and try to make sure my boys are behaving for the most part. I did get a chance to sneak away and catch up a bit with Kathy and Alison and I loved that time.

Girl cousins! They take a picture in front of the tree every year!

Sweet baby Ryan 
Ryan and MM

"The ugliest Christmas tree in the world"
per Uncle Wells.
Haha - we all got a good laugh at the expense
of this pitiful tree. But it was decorated
very prettily!

Elizabeth, Ryan and Uncle Dunc

Opening gifts

New big truck!

Oh yeah

Virginia was so patient and meticulously
put this truck together!

Ryan loved his car and was cracking up
when it would light up, beep and vibrate!

Sweet cousins!
Spending time with family is one of the major highlights of the holiday season. This visit was no exception! We love our extended family and appreciate any and all time that we get to spend with them. 

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