Friday, December 30, 2016

Cookies for Santa

While the boys were out of school, I decided to try to be one of those Pinterest-y moms and let them help make and decorate cookies! I found a mix that did not contain eggs and was able to substitute so that Stokes would be able to enjoy them along with everyone else. I got some sprinkles and red and green decorating gel and we were ready to go!

We made cookie batter right before nap and I baked the cookies while the boys were sleeping. BTW, their "help" here was a staged stirring, just to take a pic. LOL


Ready for cookies!


He actually did stir a little bit

Ryan: Mom, why are you making me hold this?!?!

Such a cutie

They were excited to decorate the cookies after their nap. Sprinkles? Yeah. They were all about that. Stokes used some gel, and they ate a bunch of mini marshmallows. This was a very hands-on activity. About 1/2 of the cookies they decorated got eaten along the way. I had to give them one cookie at a time so that we would have any left after this was said and done. And I mean, come on, these cookies were for Santa and the reindeer so it was important that the boys didn't eat all of them!

Eating, oops, I mean decorating cookies.

Very into it!

Check out ALL those green sprinkles
on the newspaper! EEK

Ready for a bite

Having lots of fun!

Ryan got in on the action with a little help from Mama

Checking everything out

So sweet!!!!

Having a good time

William caught red-handed!

The finished products! Can you tell which ones I decorated
and which ones the boys did?!?! :)

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