Wednesday, December 28, 2016

One year seizure-free

This boy.

This heavenly little boy made it to one year seizure-free on Dec. 27th. That is a major milestone. After having a seizure last November 2015 and then another one about a month later, which ended up putting him in the PICU and children's hospital for several days, I worried that we would live in constant fear and on seizure alert. We do try to stay vigilant, but luckily, the combo of anti-seizure meds is working right now and seizures aren't a part of our daily life. Thanks be to God! I try to stay humble about it because this may not always be the case. I don't want to jinx our current situation. None of us knows what the future will hold, but for right now, in this moment, I can be so appreciative and thankful for one whole year of no seizures for Ryan. We are blessed. <3

Reminder of our major seizure event from last year:
Harrowing ordeal, part 1
Harrowing ordeal, part 2

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