Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Roper Mountain Holiday Lights

By the 21st of December, we still hadn't had a Santa visit and picture and I was started to stress out. The obligatory Santa pic is a "must do" for our holiday season, and with the exception of their first Christmas when they were only four months old and I was still deathly afraid of germs, they've had an annual picture with Santa.

Thomas and I debated a few of the remaining Santa options, and decided to go to the Roper Mountain holiday lights. We hadn't been since the boys were born and doing it with the kids is so much fun! Waiting in line for Santa was a bit challenging (newsflash: boys do not like to stand still and wait in line), but other than that, it was great!

They were so excite to see Santa. While we were in line, they kept waving to him and talking about what they would say to him. When they finally got up there, they gave him high fives and told him that they wanted cars!

The boys with Santa!!!

After we met Santa, we walked through a little path with lights and then got back in the car to do the full holiday lights that you drive through. We actually went around twice and really enjoyed it. The boys would help point everything out and yell out what they saw. "There's a candy cane!" "Oh, it's a teddy bear!" "Here are the marching soldiers!" Super cute.

Toy soldier, Stokes

Toy soldier, William

Toy soldier, Ryan

Here's the big star you can see all over Greenville

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