Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Market and Museum Saturday

This past weekend we made a big effort to do a few fun things with the boys. I want to make sure that they get out and experience lots of interesting, exciting and different things on the weekends, especially since I feel like I keep them cooped up at home so much during the week. It's hard to get out since I am working and we have therapy appointments pretty much every day.


On Saturday morning, Thomas ran in a local 5k. Shout-out to my speedy and impressive hubs, who finished the 5k in 24 minutes and some change. What what!!!!

Action shot of my man!

So I recruited MaSha to go to the Downtown Farmer's Market with the boys and me. After we ate breakfast, I loaded them up, we picked up MaSha and headed towards DTG (that stands for downtown Greenville :).

Listening to the band!

MaSha with her grandsons

The Farmer's Market was bustling. I go there to people watch as much as veggie shop. I picked up some tomatoes and peaches and finally got the chance to check out Vann and Liv. It's a super cute kids boutique that I've always wanted to go to, but never had the time or ability to see.

MaSha surprised the boys with a cute pinwheel from Vann & Liv

Playing with their new pinwheels

We ran into a few friends and while we were at the market, we had a great time chatting, listening to music, being outdoors and taking in the scene. DTG is a happenin' spot. Just saying.

The boys with their mama

MaSha and Stokes (and look at him trying to act cool
while drinking out of a big boy cup and straw!)

At some point, Thomas got back to the house after his 5k, showered and changed and headed downtown to meet up with us. We went and met him at TCM Upstate (the Children's Museum). We got tickets to the museum from some sweet friends for the boys' birthday last year and hadn't used them yet! They were set to expire soon, so I knew we had to go (and thank goodness I checked on that because I would have been super bummed if they had gone to waste!). We all had a great time at the museum! I was glad to have 3 adults with us because Stokes and William had their own agendas and wanted to go their own way. FUN! Someone had to push the strollers, diaper bag and push or carry Ryan while his brothers went in separate directions. It was a little chaotic at times, but still very enjoyable. I know this kind of stuff is great for the boys from a social, developmental and intellectual aspect.
Note: we did have a few mini meltdowns when it was time to go to the next exhibit and someone (ahem, Stokes) wasn't ready. We had skipped the morning nap and had snacks on the go, and were a little off our routine, so I guess it was to be expected. And they really were mini. Thank goodness!

Pictures from the museum!
Cars - they love cars and all things that move.

William with a tire

Stokes driving the race car

Ryan took a turn driving as well
The Wind Tunnel

Climbing Structure

Stokes checking out the mirrors

Ready to climb!

William climbing

they loved it!

Couldn't get a simultaneous smile

Ryan and the mirrors
Time for groceries
Going shopping with Da-da

Stokes pushing the cart

Letting Ryan check out the produce
More cars!
Stokes definitely wanted to drive

He let his brothers ride in the bed of the truck

they love cars and trucks!

Stokes and Mama

Ryan driving

Office time
What is this?!?!?! It makes me laugh that they
won't even know what an old school phone is!


"Hi! How's it going?"

Ryan, William and Stokes
Light Waves
Stokes and William

Helping Ryan on the Light Waves wall

The Farm
Ryan loved sitting in this little tree house

Checking out the farm house

William riding the pig

Climbing up the tree house

Stokes riding the pig

Ryan on the tractor
Construction Zone
Ryan with some blocks and shapes

Da-da and William with the crane

churnin' and burnin'

William the construction worker
Recycling Truck
The boys with MaSha
They loved pressing all the buttons

The boys with MaSha and Mama
Brushing teeth
They actually really like brushing their teeth at home so
I think they'd like this exhibit. They thought it was fun
to sing our little brushing teeth song, but Stokes wanted
to use the giant toothbrush to brush his hair. 

After the museum, we hit up PDQ for lunch with MaSha. They had football on TV and the boys wanted to watch it.

All of the boys ate a great lunch and were zonked out and ready for their afternoon nap. Stokes and William actually fell asleep on the drive from the museum to lunch and then from lunch home. Sleepy little fellas!

Thomas and I had plans to go to a wedding for our friends, Shea and Justin on Saturday and MaSha graciously agreed to babysit for us. Saturday just happened to be bath night but we didn't want MaSha to have to do baths all by herself. Instead, we did a little redneck sprinkler bath after their afternoon nap. It worked out perfectly!

We had an incredible time at the wedding! Shea was the most beautiful bride and both she and Justin looked like they were on cloud 9. Here are a few pics from the wedding.

Exchanging their vows

My handsome date and me

Clark and Thomas

Stephanie looked so GORGEOUS! She was a rockstar,
especially for having a 2 week old!

I snagged a pic with the stunning bride
It was a fun, action-packed Saturday for all of us. Cheers to more weekends with exciting and fun things lined up. 

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