Thursday, August 13, 2015

I've got my EYES on you!

Yesterday I took Stokes and William to the pediatric ophthalmologist. This was their first appointment there since they got released from the ROP eye doctor a while back. Ryan has been to this office and seen this doctor a few times, but this was Stokes and William's first visit here. Due to their prematurity, they are at a much higher risk to have eyesight issues so it's important that we're following up with recurring appointments with the appropriate doctors and making sure we address any issues that arise. 

Pictures from the waiting room. I just thought it would be funny and appropriate to pull out their sunglasses to entertain them while we waited. They think they're so cool when they are wearing their sunnies. :)

Just look at that face -  he's so proud!

Cool dude

So, so cute!

The appointment was very quick. While we were waiting, a nurse put some drops in their eyes to get them dialated. The boys didn't even blink an eye (pun intended) at that. They handled it like champs. Shortly after that, Dr. Johnson came in and he had me put them on my lap one by one. He used some of his equipment to look in their eyes, get them to follow a light, etc. He told his nurse some of the medical terms of what he was seeing, but of course it was foreign to me. All in all, the actual appointment probably only took about 10 - 15 minutes.

And the good news is.....that we got good news! HA! Dr. Johnson said that it's basically a miracle that their eyes are doing as well as they are. He said if he didn't know their history and their gestational age at birth, he doesn't see evidence in their eyes would give him that impression. He also reiterated how incredible it is that as 27 weekers, none of them had to have any laser treatment for ROP issues early on in life. It's a true blessing.

He did say that these two are both on the cusp of being nearsighted, but it's not to a degree that it needs to be addressed right now. He wants to see them back in a year and continue to follow them.

In the room waiting on Dr. Johnson
In typical Stokes fashion, he was all over the place. He wasn't content to sit in the stroller and play with the toys from the diaper bag or read a book. Nope. He wanted out. And he got out of the stroller...on his own...even out of the straps and buckles. Awesome. Thankfully, William was OK to sit there and play with his toys because I had to keep a close eye on Stokes to make sure he didn't touch any of the medical equipment or buttons around the room!

The appointment time was 1:45 and we were there until close to 3:00. Their typical afternoon nap is from 1:30 to 3:30, so this appointment cut into their nap schedule significantly. They weren't acting all that tired during the appointment, and also weren't melting down (thank God!), but I knew it was tough on the little guys to skip that good nap in the afternoon.

Lo and behold, check this out. This was the drive home after the appointment. LOL....

Looks totally comfortable, right?!?!?!

I almost didn't want to get him out of his car seat
to bring him inside!

This one zonked out, too!
When we got home, I took them up to their room and immediately put them down. Ryan was pretty much done with his nap at that point. Stokes cried for a few minutes but it didn't take him long to fall right back asleep. And the crazy thing is that they slept for about 2.5 hours! It threw us a little off schedule and I eventually had to go in and get them so that they could come down and eat dinner and with the hopes that I wasn't ruining any chance of getting them to sleep at night by letting them nap that long and that late! They did just fine last night sleeping, too. Love my boys.

And, I DO have my EYES on them. At all times. Even when they're behind me. :) And I'm so glad to hear that Stokes and William's eyes are doing just fine right now, thankyouverymuch.

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