Monday, April 2, 2018

Leading up to Easter

I already posted about Aunt Wendy's Annual Easter Egg Hunt that we attended on St. Patrick's Day (read, or re-read more about that here), but we had a few more pre-Easter celebrations to attend before the big day was here.

First up was school Easter parties on Friday. Each of the boys's classes had a party and an Egg Hunt.

Ryan's class party and egg hunt:
Lots of yummy treats for snack

Ryan's in the wagon and refused to look over for my picture!

Egg hunt time

Love my sweet boy

Ryan only got a few eggs (blame it on his slow Mama), but
these sweet friends were sharing eggs with him. Heart melting!

Stokes and William's class party and egg hunt:

Ready to hunt some eggs

Stokes on the move

William on the move

Party time


That afternoon, after we left school, Layla, the boys's former nanny came by for a visit. She brought some gorgeous orange tulips and some vegan cupcakes (egg-free) for the boys! I got a picture of the cupcakes, but didn't get one of Layla and the boys. Face palm.

She special ordered these from Whole Foods
so that Stokes could have one!

Saturday was our church's annual Eggventure egg hunt with games, food, candy and prizes. We went to Eggventure 2 years ago, but last year, it was too soon after the fire so our church wasn't able to host it. This year was a totally different experience for us and I attribute that to small groups. Over the last 2 years, we've become much more involved at church - between Sunday school, small groups, and being present more now that the boys are a little older and easier to take places - we have gotten to know so many more people. Eggventure was awesome this year because of all the games and fun things that were going on, but I loved how many friends and conversations we had there this year.

Ready to go to Eggventure

That is a race car on his face. LOL

Listening to Ellen read the Easter story

Lollipop tree

Eating lunch with the Browns

Love my family

After Eggventure on Saturday, we dyed our Easter eggs. Stokes and William were VERY involved in the process this year, which tended to get a little stressful. I think all the candy and fun from Eggventure had a negative effect on their "listening ears". Ha!

The "biting each others's fingers game"


Our monogrammed eggs

Finished products

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