Wednesday, April 18, 2018


As I'm typing this, it has been a ridiculously cold day here today. This morning was in the low 30's. It's April 17th, people! Mother Nature needs to figure this out stat. At least it's sunny.

We have had some really, really beautiful weather recently though. It's such a great time of year when we can get home from school and play outside a little before coming in for dinner. We had such gorgeous weather this past Saturday to celebrate our last weekend in this house. The boys spent some time outside while it was so pleasant and we ended up grilling with our neighbors, Brecht, Megan and their boys. We will really miss our neighbors here!

A few pictures of recent outdoor fun!

William playing in the irises

Stokes at his "struction" zone

Ryan wearing Mama's shades

cartwheel....kinda sorta!

Selfie time!
Just look at that sweet little face!

It's fun to be outside!

Blueberries on the porch

Cool guy with his shades on

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