Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Springtime with Cousins

It's safe to say that "spring has sprung" at our house. The sun is shining, the azaleas in our yard are gloriously blooming and we have that refreshing springtime feeling going on.

Spring break for school was last week, and while we didn't go anywhere or do any particular spring break-like activities, we DID get to have a visit with the Nanas and cousins! Kaitlyn and Whitney were both on spring break as well so the Nanas, who had Kaitlyn for the week, brought them up for a visit on their way to take Kaitlyn back home to Charleston. Greenville makes a nice little halfway point for them to break up the trip and we get to have visitors that we love!

A few highlights of the 2 days:

  • The kids made homemade Oreo ice cream (Kaitlyn's idea)
  • Thomas and I got to go out while the Nanas babysat
  • Lots of outdoor playtime for all the kids (including a neighbor)
  • Nana Wanda brought chicken salad :)
  • The boys still love, love, love their "best friends", Kaitlyn and Whitney
Pics of the fun visit below. xoxo

Nana Wanda helping Ryan walk

Everyone climbed in the Nanas's bed on Friday morning! ha

Kaitlyn feeding Ryan
Lots of time outside!
Making ice cream with the ice cream ball
Thomas and me out with our small group!

Ryan and Nana Wanda
(she's a Ryan hog when she comes and I love it)

Happy campers?? LOL

Outdoor photo sesh with these amazing azaleas! I'm really going to miss these at our next house. *tear

Silly boys...

And cousins...

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