Friday, March 16, 2018

Little League opening day

Last Saturday was opening day for tee-ball. We're done with practice and are moving into our game schedule. There was a lot of excitement buzzing through there. If I had to describe the boys's game in one word, it would be hilarious. And a second word would be cold! We had the early game time of the day and had pictures before the game began so we had to be there early and it was really chilly! At least the sun was out, but the wind was pretty strong.

Before we left that morning...
#7 and #3 - Go Boys!

Our team is the Cubs, which is awesome because I like the Cubs and have been to Wrigley to see a game (see pic at the bottom of the post). All of the little league teams in our league are named after pro teams.

What we've picked up on so far is that each team will go through an entire rotation each time they're up to bat, regardless of number of outs. Let's be honest - the batting is the part that the guys really enjoy, so I'm glad that they will get a chance to bat each time! When the teams are up at bat, each batter will get about 5 or so coach's pitches before they bring the tee out. There's no real keeping score and counting innings. We play for about an hour and call it a game.  That's all there is to it.

Watching the game was so comical because Stokes and William clearly did not have a great understanding of what to do. Stokes connected on a coach's pitch once and hit off the tee the other time, and William hit off the tee both times, but once they started running bases, they did not know where to go, or when to go. Getting to 1st was good, but after that, it was a guess as to where and when they might go. They would usually wait until people started hollering to run, and one time, William ran in a complete circle before getting to the next base, and several times, the runner on the base behind them had caught up to them before they even knew what was going on. I, along with several other people, had quite a few laughs just watching. It was adorable!

Tee-ball time

"Say TEE-BALL!!!!"

Pictures before the game (which we forgot to order in all the hoopla - eek)...
Lined up with their team waiting to get pictures
Gotta love portrait mode (no, I don't have it,
but another sweet mom took these and texted
them to us)

the littlest guys on the team
my cuties!
Hanging out with the guys...

After pictures, it was game time!

William batting

William on base
Stokes getting some coaching
Stokes batting

William on 3rd

He got a run!

Stokes in the outfield

William doing what he does at tee-ball-
playing in the dirt!

Ryan was bundled up watching his brothers

Post-game family ballpark picture
(William was hiding behind Thomas
because he was upset that he dropped his
pretzel snack - LOL)

Thomas and me at a Cubs game in 2012 (pre-kids!!)
Go Cubbies!

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