Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A fun date night

You might be thinking that this is going to be about an adult date night and you would be incorrect. That's because Thomas has been traveling for work this week. Instead this was a date night out with Stokes, William, myself, Beth and Marlowe!

Beth reached out to see if we wanted to grab dinner...which made my day(!!!!)...and so we did! MaSha kindly picked Ryan up from school and took care of him so I only had Stokes and William for our night out.

We got to the restaurant ahead of time, so we walked over to Barnes & Noble for a few minutes to kill some time. Plus the boys had never been to B&N and I knew they would love it! They had such a great time just looking through books and playing with the toys and the train table. It was the perfect way to spend 30 minutes. It was a struggle to even get them to leave!

Then on to Brixx to meet Beth and Marlowe!

The kids did well throughout dinner. They colored and ate cheese pizza. They were all so cute! The wheels started to come off towards the end when William couldn't keep his rear end in his seat and Stokes wanted to go potty several times in a row...and they eventually ended up drawing on a chalk board, which was set at the perfect height for kiddos. When we left the restaurant, I encouraged all the kids to get all their wiggles out! Adorable. They were all running in small circles and shaking out their arms. We eventually got them to stand still for a few quick pics.

They were so all cute together and William was asking this morning where Beth and Marlowe were!

I think we need to make this kind of a date night more of a regular thing!

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