Friday, March 16, 2018

Character Breakfast

Immediately after the tee ball game, we went over to the Poinsett Club where the SC Children's Theater was hosting a character breakfast. We got tickets from Ryan's school, which was awesome! I called ahead to find out what they were serving and what contained eggs (for Stokes's egg allergy) and got permission to bring a few things from home for him to eat. We changed the boys out of their tee-ball uniform in the car in the Poinsett Club parking lot (redneck alert!) and then headed in to the breakfast, which was more like a brunch since it started at 11. It was so crowded! Luckily we had a reserved table for guests of Ryan's school and got to sit with Rhett and his parents. Rhett is one of Ryan's good buddies at school. They apparently laugh and giggle together a lot! It took several times of going through the buffet to get food for everyone, but once we got settled and started eating, the character parade began. Each character was introduced and walked through the ballroom waving to the kids. We were under strict orders to keep kids seated and at the table so that the characters wouldn't be mobbed! After the parade, the characters were stationed throughout the club and lines formed for kids to visit with the characters and get a picture and an autograph if they wanted to. We let the boys choose which characters they wanted to go visit, but put a cap on it so we wouldn't be there waiting in lines for hours!

Before we went in:
Brother picture!
Boys, hold on to Ryan and don't let
him fall!*
*Thomas was right there just in case...
Breakfast and parade time!

Beautiful ballroom and good food
Ryan and Dada

Ryan sitting with Ms Lindsay (Rhett's mom) to get a front
row view of the parade. His buddy Rhett is in the seat next to him.

Ryan loves Ms. Lindsay & she also works at their school!

Winnie the Pooh characters

Ryan and Rhett having fun
Loving it

So exciting!
Waving to the characters
Pete the Cat
Happy boy!
Time to see the characters!

William with Peter Pan.
He asked her, "Where's Captain Hook? Is
he a bad guy?" LOL
Elsa, Anna and Christoff!
Meeting Cat in the Hat

A hug for Pete

No one is looking (except Pete)!!! Urg
After meeting just a handful of characters and having stood in line for a long time, we were done. The boys were getting rowdy and not wanting to stand still in line (imagine that!), so that was the end of the character breakfast for us. It was a wonderful way to spend a little time on a Saturday afternoon and the boys thought it was great! We were very thankful to Ryan's school for providing the tickets for us.

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