Thursday, February 1, 2018

Tazewell Christmas

Ok, the title of this post is a little misleading, because, contrary to prior years in the past, we did not actually spend any time on Christmas in Tazewell. Since Christmas was on a Monday this year, we went up there to Tazewell the weekend before and came home on Christmas Eve. I liked it that we were there very close to Christmas but then go to celebrate at home. Christmas post coming soon!!!

As always, we had a fantastic trip. We were able to knock out socializing with a bunch of different people by going to the new local brewery, Painted Peak Brewing Company, and invited a bunch of the family, as well as Joey, Lisa and Davis. This place was great and was pretty kid friendly, too. You can tell that they've put a lot of effort into it and it shows. Tazewell is really getting some cool places there to eat and shop. This is all new and I like it!!!

Just arrived and loving the fresh mountain air

Playing with cousins!
Anna and Ryan

Big cousins are the best playmates

Playing at the arcade at Painted Peak
Very cool place!

Taylor loving on William
Joey and Stokes

The next morning we got to open presents from Uncle Zack, Aunt Ashley, Taylor and Anna!

New jackets and hats! They were so excited!!!!

Then we got a visit from Aunt Mag and her new puppy, Winston (he wasn't named yet at the time because she'd just gotten him the night before when we were at Painted Peak!)

Later on Saturday afternoon, we got to go to Granddad's house for dinner and more presents!

Ryan, Granddad and William

Four generations picture again! YES!!!
Love all these fellas

Excited about his new toothbrush from Fifi!
It was such a nice trip and it is always great when you're able to visit with both family and friends in a short time frame.

Sunday was Christmas Eve, so we left to come back home in the morning. We wanted to be able to get home in time to go to a Christmas Eve service at our church, so it didn't leave a whole lot of time to hang at Abby's house that morning. Stay tuned for the next post all about Christmas!

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