Monday, February 5, 2018

Starting the new year on a good note

New Year's Eve was very uneventful this year! I honestly was not even awake at midnight...if that says anything. I had a big day planned for the 1st of January and didn't want to be too tired. I met the Nanas and Kaitlyn in Atlanta and we went to visit Aunt Anne for a few hours. After that, we drove all the way back to Greenville and the Nanas and Kaitlyn spent the night with us. The Nanas actually offered to babysit so that Thomas and I could go out, which worked out perfectly since Clemson was playing in the Sugar Bowl that night. Thomas and I went to Steph and Clark's house to watch the first half of the game and came home at halftime to torture ourselves with the second half as well. Suffice it to say that it wasn't our best game and we Alabama. Anyway, it was awesome to have some sitters so that we could go watch with some friends!!

The boys adore Kaitlyn and tell me often that she's their best friend. It's so sweet! She's wonderful with them and loves playing with them and helping them. She's a great babysitter in the making because she's just so good with kids!

I loved that we got to start out the new year with family that we typically only see a few times per year. I hope that this is a good omen for 2018 and more family time for all!

Kaitlyn kissing Ryan

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