Friday, January 26, 2018

Work Christmas parties

Both Thomas and I had work Christmas parties downtown this year so we got a babysitter and made a night out of it!

I loved this holiday decor at my work party

We rode downtown with Stacey and Van and met up with Stephanie and Clark to get a drink before the parties started. Then we became a crew for the rest of the night!

We went to my work party first - had a great time and enjoyed some really good food....and my party had this AWESOME band..., then went to Thomas's work party, which was much, much bigger with a lot more people that we knew, which is also so fun.

Girl power! haha
Stacey, me and Steph

Thomas and me at his work party

Clark, Steph, me and Thomas

It's so nice to be able to dress up and have an adult night out. We danced, we ate, we talked and laughed - all good stuff. Holiday parties are such a fun excuse to get out and have some fun. We're thankful for companies that allow nice "extras" like that and for great friends that we can always have fun with. 

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