Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Great Snowfall of December

We had the most PERFECT snow in December! These are the reasons why it was so incredibly great:
  1. It was relatively unexpected. Meaning that the local news wasn't covering "the potential winter storm" for 99% of all airtime for 3 days leading up to it.
  2. No one was freaking out and running to the store and buying all the bread and all the milk
  3. No one was really even talking about it
  4. It was just snow - not ice - so the roads didn't get terrifyingly dangerous and the power stayed on
  5. I can't even remember a time that we got snow before Christmas! Usually if we get any, it's in Jan/Feb. It was especially neat and beautiful to see snow accentuating everyone's pretty Christmas decorations - twinkling white lights and snow. So magical!
  6. It snowed on Friday and continued on through Saturday with snow still on the ground to play some more! Two snow days for the price of one. It was like a fun weekend bonus!
Add all these things up and then the white stuff started coming down and it was magical! All the kids were in school so notices started going out that school would end early. That's cool. No freaking out though. I was working and kept remarking to my co-workers about how cool it was that it was snowing. At first it wasn't sticking but as the day went on, everything was turning white. 

When the snow first started to fall - not sticking yet!

The white stuff!!
I picked the boys up from school a little early and brought them home to play and enjoy it while it lasted. They had a BLAST!

It's so funny but we totally end up having to piece everything together, attire-wise. We are completely unprepared for snow/ice whenever we get it. Every. Single. Time. Oops. The boys wore hats that are close to being too small (EEK), their gloves that I think are meant for gardening (not water resistant!), layers of clothes, rain jackets and rain boots. HA! Don't worry though, Santa helped them out this year so we'll be ready if it snows again this winter...or next...and probably the one after that, too!

Sweet brothers helping Ryan to stand for my pic!

Uh oh!!!! :)



Snowball in the hand

Snowball fight!
Pure joy

Sweet angel boy

They started ganging up on me...

Stop throwing snowballs at your mama! LOL

Precious, precious

Taking a little break from standing
That's all for Friday night...but the fun continued on Saturday! And this time Dada was home to play with us! We spent the whole morning outside playing in the snow and just enjoying it while we could. By Sunday late afternoon/evening, most of it was gone and it was back to business as usual. Snow is such a fun distraction from day to day life. 

William checking out the snow at breakfast
Come on! Stop taking pictures so we can play.

This is another series of... "boys stand there and hold Ryan's hands - yep, hold him up! Don't let him fall down! Make sure you're supporting him and stand really still. Just like that! Great job, brothers!"

Stokes and I went on a little walk on our street. It's so fun to just be outside during the snow! Stokes loved playing in the snow in people's yards that hadn't yet been trampled (those without young kids at home). There's nothing like the sheer joy of walking through new, untouched snow...and then promptly laying down to make a snow angel! He made 3 or 4 snow angels just on the short walk back to our house. 

fresh snow!!!

My angel making a snow angel!

When we got back from our walk, Dada, Ryan and William had made a snowman, which William named Kevin (hilarious!). Kevin used pretty much all of the snow in our yard but he was strong and stayed alive well after the snow melted. 

The snowman!
William and Kevin

Awesome snow day(s). It could not have been any better!

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