Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Aww Shucks! Oyster Roast 2017

We had to leave Nana's house on Friday after Thanksgiving to get home because we hosted an oyster roast/football game party on Saturday for just a few friends.

Actual oysters from our roast :)

It was tough timing for some being that it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so some people were out of town/with family and because it was the Clemson/Carolina game, so some people were either 1) at the game in Columbia or 2) not really wanting to be surrounded by mostly Clemson fans (which I totally get). Despite the tough timing, it was really the only free weekend we had to be able to do it, so we went for it! I already have some ideas for next year though... ;)

The Thomas boys with S & W

Just look at that face! :)

Anna with Ryan

The McCrarys were there too! But left before the game started :(

Matt and Anna

Dinner time for the littles
We knew they probably wouldn't like oysters (more on that
later), so we had chicken nuggets, peas and fries for them.

Ava Lane, Stephanie and Wendy

The set up with the game on the projector

Football & oysters - winning combination

Stokes trying an oyster (including a cracker and some ketchup) for the 2nd time ever:
Ready to go for it

It's in the mouth and I think he likes it

Nope. It's out.

"yucky" and it's headed for the trash can LOL

The adorable Nothing Bundt cakes that
Matt brought. Delicious!

This guy knows how to relax!

Thomas, Anna and Matt

Steph and me

My main squeeze

Girls and kids!
Notice William's arm around Ava!!!!

Still affectionate, even after the pic!

MaSha came over too and got lots of loving
from 3 of her biggest fans!

Watching the game...

Ryan and his buddy Lukas

Matt and Ava Lane

Stacey loving on William
I love that this sweet moment was captured

This little fella was so tuckered out
that he fell asleep on the floor while
laying on my lap. Sleepy Stokie!
I think we may switch up our Oyster Roast plans for next year, but it's always a good time!

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