Thursday, December 14, 2017

Walhalla Oktoberfest 2017

This year was our second year in a row to attend Walhalla's Oktoberfest. It is such a fun festival! I love to go back and visit old blog posts, even to simply seen how much the boys have changed. Here's the 2016 Oktoberfest post.

We made plans once again with my friend Bonnie and her family. They are fun to be around and just so laid back and easy to hang out with. We got there and grabbed some lunch and ate under the big tent. There were some German musicians playing traditional music with some German cheers and shouts mixed in. It was educational and fun! After lunch, when we were ready to venture out with full bellies and German music in our heads, we bought ride tickets and let the boys decide which rides they wanted to go on. They were all having a blast! Ryan couldn't go on all the rides, so he stayed out with us parents most of the time. We went to a few rides that he could do and we discovered that he loved the carousel. Then he got to ride it several more times when all the other boys were off doing other rides.

We let the kids pretty much run the show until the tickets ran out. By that point, we'd been there for a few hours and needed to get back home. Thomas and I had tickets to go see Jason Aldean in concert that night - woo hoo! We had beautiful, sunny (actually, hot!) weather, friends to hang out with, yummy German food (or maybe it was just fair food) and rides. What more can you ask for?!?!? Do I smell an annual tradition brewing?!?! See ya next year, Walhalla Oktoberfest!

German musician

William and Dada listening to the music

Stokes on the stage/dance floor

Family photo opp!

All the kids!
Pictures here are Bonnie's nephews, her son Grant, and the boys

Helicopter ride

Bonnie and Grant on the carousel

Dada and Ryan

Having a blast!

This is my kind of ride!

Such a cutie!

Mama with Ryan

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