Friday, December 15, 2017

Soccer wrap up

The boys's soccer season was fun while it lasted! We really enjoyed getting out there on Saturday mornings and cheering on the Frogs. All the kids on their team were adorable and watching them running around - sometimes after the ball, sometimes not - was truly awesome and so, so funny.

We had to miss the last game of the season due to our Knoxville trip but our fantastic coaches decided to host an end of the season soccer party for all the kids at their neighborhood clubhouse. They bought lunch for everyone and then handed out the YMCA trophies at the end. Not all the kids/families could make it but there was a pretty good showing. The cool thing about this get together was getting to see everyone in a different environment than the soccer field. We could actually chat with some of the other parents and get to know them a little better without being distracted with helping on the field or getting water cups, etc.

It was such a nice little get together and I hope that we'll end up seeing some of these kids and parents in other sports activities that we sign up for in the future. GO FROGS! :)

Lunch is served! Thanks to our generous and sweet coaches!

The Y trophies

Special soccer cupcakes

Dancing and playing

Showing off their "championship rings" (the toppers
from the soccer cupcakes ;)

What a cute bunch!

Handing out the trophies

So proud!

Last team huddle with the coaches

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