Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Stokes allergy update

Stokes had a routine follow-up appointment at the Allergist back in October. I was really, really, really hopeful that we would discover that he had outgrown his egg allergy...and his peanut allergy, too, but I'm not trying to be greedy! They redid the prick test on his back with his allergens. The results??? See for yourself.

P= peanut, E = egg, H = histamine and S = saline (the control). So ideally you want all of the allergens, in Stokes's case, eggs and peanuts, to look like the saline prick, i.e. nothing. The histamine prick will definitely get a reaction, by design, so it's a way to compare what reactions the allergens create. As you can see, unfortunately, he has not outgrown either allergy.

Poor guy - this test is really itchy and you can't scratch or touch the back. It was driving Stokes crazy. iPhone to the rescue!

When we spoke with the allergist, she explained that there is a blood test that we could do to determine whether we could potentially allow him to try eggs in baked good. Basically, if the lab results came back a certain way, we could bring him back into her office, give him something that contained eggs there in the office, and then see if he had a reaction. We were eager to get going on that option.

We left the allergist and immediately went to the lab to get the blood drawn. One word to describe the blood draw - traumatic. Stokes figured out quickly what he was there for and screamed bloody murder (pun intended) before he had even gotten stuck. He was crying and sweating and it was just awful. I was so glad once it was done. I felt so bad for him.

Once we left, I told him I'd take him out to lunch and let him pick the place. He chose Wendy's. There's one right near their school and he and William were noticing it and asking me about it. Well I took that booger to the Wendy's and he ate every single bite of his kid's meal. That's saying a lot because he really doesn't eat much usually. He had such a great time at Wendy's and it didn't take him long to forget about the lab.

I got the results from the blood draw about a week later. I was so ready to hear those words about him eating stuff with baked eggs (cookies, cakes, etc.) but alas, his blood work was not agreeable. His allergist told me we'd wait another year and try again and see what it came back with.

*Side note: this is very unfortunate, but he does end up getting products with eggs every so often, or maybe eating something that is manufactured in a facility that processes eggs/peanuts. Oops. It's rare, but it has happened. I'm so thankful that we haven't seen major reactions. I typically give him a dose of Benadryl if we realize that has happened, just to be on the safe side, but he's done just fine. Because of this, I really thought it would be time to incorporate some (baked) egg products into his diet, but it's not meant to be right now. I will keep hoping and praying that we'll get different results next time!

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