Friday, March 17, 2017

Irish + Japanese

What's that??? Irish AND Japanese?

Most of the day was dedicated the Irish for St. Patrick's Day. We all wore green, we ate green dessert last night at small group, we {briefly} read about the history of St. Patrick's Day over breakfast (thanks, Wikipedia). We love it.

All my boys before work and school this morning

Stacey and I met up for a little green beer. Because...TGIF...and it's St. Patty's Day!


Then I picked the boys up from school and went straight over to MaSha's house to meet up with her, Granddad and Gran-O while they were in town.

MaSha playing with Stokes & William

Ryan and Gran-O
Hey Stokes!
Stokes playing cars in the grass
William LOVED Granddad's hat. Granddad was
a great sport and allowed him to wear it!

Two William Peerys <3
Cutie boy
So. like I said, most of the day was focused on the Irish.

But there was a small block of time in the evening that we supported the Japanese...well kind of. We ate dinner at Mimi's Japanese Steakhouse!

This was the boys's first time at a hibachi restaurant. When MaSha and I were discussing where we should go eat with Granddad and Gran-O, I may have made mention of the fact that dinners are becoming a little more difficult. The boys don't want to stay seated, they don't want to eat, they want to play with their food, or cry, or drop their fork/spoon on the floor repeatedly, or ask for a million refills of milk, etc. The behavior is not exactly "exemplary". So, we thought hibachi would be fun, new, cool, and engaging experience for them and may curtail some of the poor dinnertime manners. Plus, hello!, who doesn't love hibachi?!?!?!

Oooooh! Fire!
They were totally enthralled.
He loved it! He would laugh whenever
our guy would make noise with his kitchen utensils!

Onion volcano!

Granddad and Stokes

After dinner MaSha came back to the house with me to help with a quick (totally obligatory) photo shoot and for baths. That was great. I could always use help when Thomas isn't around. I realize that I forgot to mention that Thomas wasn't around for any of this fun. He got tickets from work for the NCAA March Madness tournament. Little old Greenville got to host Round 1 and 2 games for "The Big Dance"! These tickets were going for pretty steep prices, and how cool that it was here in our hometown so of course he wasn't going to miss the opportunity! So fun.

Standard St. Patrick's Day 3 leaf clover pic

MaSha with the boys
Mama with the boys

A four year collage of my 3 leaf clover!!!!!

Clockwise: 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

And because we all need a little wisdom on a Friday...
"Here's to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold pint and another one!" - said an Irishman :)

My favorite - OUTTAKES

Ryan!!!! Put your head back on the grass!

Ryan crying :(
Ryan: hands over the face

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