Friday, March 3, 2017

Spirit Week

The boys had spirit week this week at school. The week started out with just Stokes and William's class, but Ryan's class decided to join in on the spirit week fun mid-day on Monday. This is the first of many spirits weeks, I'm sure! This one was Dr. Suess-themed. I made sure to take pictures each morning to documents all the fun dress up days this week. Luckily, they were fairly easy and didn't require a whole bunch of Pinterest, Hobby Lobby and precious time. :)

Monday was "Fox In Socks" Day! The instructions were to wear fun, silly or mismatched socks. Notice Ryan wasn't in this picture and I didn't put him in silly socks since I didn't realize his class was going to participate at this point!

Fun socks - they each have one sock
from each pair :)

Checking out their fun socks!

Tuesday was "The Cat in The Hat" Day! They had to wear their favorite hat. Sombreros for all!

Wednesday was "Wacky Wednesday" Day! This meant getting silly - wearing clothes backwards, inside out or mismatched....or all 3! We chose to do terribly tacky and mismatched!

Thursday was "Green Eggs and Ham" Day! This one was easy - just wear GREEN! For dinner on Thursday night, they got a side of green eggs and ham to go along with their daily theme and Stokes got some green greek yogurt and ham. They thought that was really fun. I have a feeling that every time they get eggs now they will ask for them to be green!

Friday was "Sleep Book" Day! They got to wear their pajamas to school.

Don't mind William's hat. He pulled that out of the dress-up
play stuff this morning and sometimes it's just easier to
let him go for it. 

This week has been fun and the  boys seemed to embrace it. Next week is going to be so boring to go back to regular clothes and no themes. Each night this week we would discuss what the theme was for the next day and pick out what they wanted to wear to go with the theme. That made getting ready in the morning a little easier!

Here are a few outtakes. Happen to notice a trend?!?! Stokes would sit patiently for a while and smile, but then when he was done, he would hop up and say, "that's enough, Mama!" HA!

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