Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring begins

The first day of spring was yesterday and mother nature got the memo. We were blessed with a gorgeous day and warm temps, although I didn't realize it until after Thomas got home from work and clued me in. Both Stokes and Ryan were coughing quite a bit so we decided to keep them home from school to try to let them get to feeling better.

It's pretty easy for me to get work done with Ryan home from school. He's easy and content doing just about anything. Stokes, on the other hand, is not. He was all over the place and I had to answer questions on a couple of conference calls in regards to the background noise (firetruck noises, running with scissors, crying when he fell down, and it goes on and on). Luckily my colleagues are laid back and understanding! As it turns out, I don't think Stokes felt bad at all and about mid-day I was realizing that he should have definitely been in school. Hindsight....ahhhh.

Anyway, the weather was just so gorgeous and Stokes was dying to get out of the house after being contained all day without nearly as much interaction and structured play that he would normally get at school, so we got out for a family walk around the neighborhood. We had several modes of transportation for the "walk". 

Here's what our first day of spring looked like:
Stokes in the Jeep,
William on the balance bike,
Ryan in the stroller

We took over the whole street sometimes!
It's nice to live in a quiet neighborhood without
much traffic!
William got tired of "riding" his bike and hopped
in the Jeep with Stokes

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