Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What we've been up to

I've been slack in my posts lately, so I thought I would pull a few things into one post to save some time. We've had a fun couple of weeks and two weekends ago, we had a full weekend with lots of cool things to do.

A few weeks ago at my mom's church group, someone mentioned the idea of letting the kids make their own pizzas and I thought that sounded so fun! We got all the ingredients and had a little pizza night on Friday night at our house.

Putting the sauce on the dough

Ryan was checking it out, too

Adding cheese

More CHEESE, boys!!!! :)


Stokes was "showing" me his pizza!

Fresh out of the oven


It's delicious!

Ryan loved his!
This was super fun and easy to do. The only downside is that it really didn't take long. It was about 2 minutes of pizza making joy, followed by about 10 minutes of baking time. That was it. But I thought it was fun since the boys haven't really started helping cook at all yet. They were proud of their pizzas and they turned out surprisingly good!

That Saturday afternoon we went to a birthday party for sweet Caroline! She was turning 2 and the boys were so excited to go to her birthday party and see her!

The most beautiful set-up!

Kids table with lots of yummy eats


Sweet birthday girl!
The boys love Caroline and talk about her quite a bit. It was so nice to celebrate her on such a beautiful day. The boys ate lots of cookies and dum dum suckers, played outside a little, had #2 accidents (yep, both Stokes and William), played with the balloons and just enjoyed Caroline's party. It was the most perfectly lovely party.

Then that evening, we had some buddies over for playtime and oysters!
Thomas and Justin - manning the oyster table

Stokes trying his first ever oyster
Spoiler alert: he didn't like it and spit it out!

The guys and Kasey and Madeline!

A plate of shucked oysters.
While Kasey and I were feeding little boys dinner inside, the
big boys would shuck oysters outside and deliver to us.
That's some service!

Merrick with his s'more

Stokes with his s'more

Merrick and Will
Everyone loves dessert!

roasting more marshmallows

Stokes and Ryan
Sunday we went to church and then just had a low-key afternoon. It sure was a fun weekend, though! 

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  1. C loved having "the boys" at her party! We sure do love our Peerys!!!